How did moving companies work it out during the pandemic


With the advent of the novel coronavirus, everything has changed. Nothing looks the same, from the way of living to the way we work. While social distancing is still in place, it has altered the working style as most of the businesses shifted to working online. However, there are a lot of sectors that can’t entirely work in a virtual setting. One such is the moving business.

As the lockdown and shelter-in-place orders came into place, there was a little scope for the moving companies to continue their business as usual. These are the most challenging times for a removalist or a moving company whose mode of service involves transportation and human contact. Undoubtedly they are one amongst the sectors which took the worst hit.

Voice of Local Business has had the chance of talking to David Amaneddine, CEO of AAA City Removalist company in Sydney, NSW. David shares his profound experience of how the COVID19 pandemic distress impacted his business and how did they alter their functioning methods to overcome the challenges while ensuring safety.

Initial challenges

On being asked about the unique problems they had to face in running their business, David said, “The Government changes to our border laws for our interstate runs, and the brevity of the virus was initially overwhelming. In my experience, uncertainty is the main reason why businesses suffer.” He further mentioned that he had to surround himself with intelligent people to sift through the information until it became clear of what were the challenges. He said, “Once we armed ourselves with the relative laws and understanding the virus and its suggested dangers, it then became clear, hence we were able to make sound decisions.”

Adapting to technology

Technology has been a source of great help during the pandemic. It eased out most of the complicated steps a business had to endure during this lockdown period. Likewise, David said, “We initiated zoom meetings for in place of the traditional face to face onsite quotes. We were able to still get a visual of the customers’ home or business, including outside access but from the comfort of our office.”

When it comes to safety and precautions, they had to adhere to the Australian Government’s COVID19 safety regulations. “Transportation is considered a critical service. We follow a strict and up to date Covid19 safety plan as is required by the Australian Government. It allows us to enter all borders. It goes without saying that we also follow the social distancing laws, wear masks, gloves, and sanitize. In the event, if there is uncertainty, we require our teams to isolate and get a Covid19 test before returning to work.”, said David.

With concern for the fellow entrepreneurs and fellow small business owners in this situation, David’s advice is that “Align yourself with associations and organizations who can help you sift through the never-ending and ever-changing information we are drowned with on a daily basis. We need to discipline our minds and surround ourselves with people that motivate us rather than focus on doom and gloom.”

Bottom line:

In these uncertain times, being an entrepreneur is all about making quick and wise decisions, implementing novel ways to run your business with care and safety.


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