Future of the security industry is looking brighter than ever

The pandemic has greatly affected the global economy, but it doesn’t mean that everything is lost. While some businesses are struggling to meet their needs, some are really thriving during these challenging times. And the security system is one such industry.

Experts believe that it is about to witness tremendous growth in the future, all because of the growing need that was the result of the pandemic. According to a study, the global security system and CCTV market could reach $16 billion by 2029.

But that doesn’t mean the security system companies didn’t face any difficulties. Just like every other industry, they too faced struggle and made many changes to adjust to the new norms.

VOLB had the chance to speak with Kevin Brenner, Managing Director of Infratec Security Systems, one of the leading security system companies in South Australia, to know more about how they are adapting to the changes. 

The initial struggles:

When the lockdown came into effect, security systems were considered as an essential service and were allowed to operate. But things weren’t looking good for Kevin and his team. 

“We found that new enquires completely dried up for around six weeks. As we were classed as an essential service, we continued to operate,” Kevin says. 

He had to implement various guidelines to keep his team and customers safe. “We implemented policies to keep our techs separate from Admin and sales operating from home on VOIP and VPN connections to keep our staff well. We created COVID policies for all staff following Government recommendations and our own and secured our office to visitors,” he explains. 

The future is bright and safe:

Now that the restrictions have been eased in SA, the sales have gone back to normal for them. And Kevin believes that the future of the security industry is looking good. ” Some opportunities exist in the thermal IP camera and access control field. The protection of a property is perhaps even more important in times when unemployment is increasing, and in general, things are tougher,” he further explains. 

Even though this is a tough time for business owners, Kevin believes that if we adapt to the changes without compromising on the quality of the service, we can get through this. 

“If you have a strong, well-established business in an industry that is essential, you may have some tough times, but keep supplying superior service levels to your existing base and make changes within your business that meet the needs of today, not to meet needs of yesterday,” he says.


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