How to get the most out of SMS marketing


People more often receive text messages from a wide range of businesses about their products, offers, new deals, coupons, etc., daily. What is the significance of these messages? Is there a peculiar marketing strategy behind these messages? Does it yield good results for the companies? These are the questions that bring us to one of the seamless marketing tactics companies have been following to attain the clients’ attention towards their business.

Ever since the invention of SMS, Companies all around the world have been wisely using SMS to market their products. Like email marketing, SMS marketing improves the prospects of a business and builds brand awareness. On a serious note, Every small business and local business must include SMS marketing as a standard marketing technique.

How can SMS marketing influence your business?

While talking about the importance of a specific marketing technique, It is always good to start with statistics. About 5 billion people in the world can receive SMS messages. And it is expected to grow by 6 billion in the year 2025. SMS is one of the prime aspects of Mobile marketing tactics, which in turn would raise the conversion rate for a business.

In today’s scenario, Mobile phones have already taken over our lives. And text messages still prevails as one of the most potent ways to communicate with the customers individually. 98% of the time, people open and read the text messages they receive. In fact, it is more effective than email marketing.

How to organize an effective SMS marketing campaign?

On average, the open rate of text message marketing lies at 98% when compared to email marketing campaigns. And indeed, the response rates for SMS are 295% higher than phone call response rates. MS marketing campaigns unfold innumerable benefits for a business when best SMS practices are employed. Here are a few simple tips for organizing a potential SMS marketing campaign:

  • Analyze and find your target audience: Text message marketing goes futile if it doesn’t land in the phone of relevant people. So, it is always imperative for a business to analyze and find the right audience to pitch in with text messages. Start your campaign with your regular or acquainted customers. Because according to a survey, about three-quarters of people love to receive marketing texts from the companies or brands they love. Acquire more subscribers through in-store visitors, build your contact, and send messages to them. Identify the location and demographics of those customers and send relevant messages as relevance is the key to attract the audience.
  • Efficiently Time your SMS: People would be annoyed if they receive marketing SMSs at odd times in a day. Timing your SMS plays a crucial part in achieving all the attention you need from a customer. Usually, the ideal time to send SMS to a customer is between 12:00 to 15:00 in their respective time zones on both weekdays and weekends. And the next acceptable time slot is between 9.00 to 12.00 hrs.
  • Do not Spam the customers: To avoid spamming the customers is as important as timing your SMS wisely. No one likes to get spammed with random marketing text messages. Limit the frequency of sending out the marketing messages to your customers and maintain a minimal number of SMS.
  • Compose valuable content: The SMS must contain lucid and crisp content in a short form. It can be around 160 characters. Having creative and eye-catchy statements in the marketing SMS would interest the customers. Also, the marketing text must have a solid sentence pattern starting with the business name. It should also have a Call to Action button. Do not add any abbreviations or acronyms, do not use capital letters unless a noun or term needs highlighting. You can also include links to relevant sites, videos, documents, etc.

Over the years, SMS marketing campaigns alone made a lasting impact on the sales of a product and the growth of a brand. Stats show that 50% of US consumers purchase after receiving an advertising text or a discount coupon via SMS. And Digital coupons sent via SMS are more successful than the ones offered in the stores. The SMS marketing campaign has a 45% response rate. It is time that every small business should start doing SMS marketing.


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