Hurray Australian Startups, Google Comes Up With Accelerator AI First Program To Support Your Innovation!

Startups are meant for innovation. They are the base of the arrival of new technologies and business models that are shaping up the world today. However, it is never a bed of roses for the owners of startups to achieve their dreams in this market and competition. They need support in all forms to bring their vision into reality. Google as a pioneer in the technology domain has always found ways to help tech startups and innovations. Now, they have launched an Accelerator AI First Program exclusively for Australian startups to support them in their vision. 

Australia & Technological Startups!

Australia is renowned for its leading role in technological innovation. From advancements in medical science to resilience against climate change, and the realm of creativity, Australian entrepreneurs have left a notable mark on the international arena. A prime illustration of this is Where2Technologies, the Australian enterprise that played a key role in the creation of Google Maps.

At this critical juncture in the advancement of artificial intelligence, fresh applications are revolutionising sectors like healthcare, environmental sustainability, and wildlife preservation in Australia.

Australia is a trailblazer in technology, and has the potential to be a global leader in AI innovation. With the Digital Future Initiative, we’re committed to fostering that potential, ” Scott Riddle, strategic partner manager for Google Australia and New Zealand, said to SmartCompany.

He added, “We’re launching a new accelerator to give AI-focused startups support, mentorship and resources to scale rapidly and responsibly. We invite startups to join us and help shape the future of AI in Australia and beyond.

The initiative is a component of the global technology firm’s $1 billion Digital Future Project, a pledge made in 2021 to construct digital networks in Australia and to cultivate local technology businesses and expertise over a five-year period.

The major technology company predicts that artificial intelligence could contribute $290 billion in economic, cybersecurity, and environmental advantages to Australia by the year 2030, as it becomes widely used.

The national government has established AI support centres across the nation to promote its use but is being criticised for not attracting enough investment from the private sector and for its sluggish progress in updating regulations.

Hence in an effort to support the swift and ethical expansion of AI-centric startups, Google is thrilled to launch the AI First Accelerator in Australia, marking its inaugural participation in the country.

Google Australia’s AI First Program

The AI First Accelerator offers a 10-week, no-equity program designed for early-stage Australian startups focused on creating AI and ML-based platforms and products. This program links entrepreneurs with top talent, resources, and methodologies to support their expansion, utilising Google’s AI and ML technical know-how and worldwide connections. Between 8 and 15 startups will be matched with suitable advisors from Google and the sector for guidance and assistance with technical projects, in addition to training sessions on creating products, attracting customers, and developing leadership skills. Chosen startups can anticipate:

  • Guidance: Direct assistance from Google AI specialists to tackle specific difficulties.
  • Technical Assistance: In-depth exploration of AI technologies and systems, with complimentary cloud credits available for startups that qualify.
  • AI Startup Community: Interaction and teamwork with leading AI companies from various regions and worldwide.
  • Training Sessions: Hands-on training programs on user experience and product development, marketing, sales, management, and establishing clear goals.

The initiatives are crafted to be rigorous and concentrated, running for a duration of three months and providing individual guidance from top Google and sector specialists. Startups establish a unique objective throughout the program and commit their efforts to creating a technical solution for it. This program will definitely deepen your AI expertise and fuel your innovation
Are you one of the Australian startups dreaming of transforming your sector through artificial intelligence (AI)? Google Australia is excited to help you with their Accelerator AI First program. Please register as soon as possible to make the most out of it and grow your brand to the next level, because its application closes on July 31, 2024.


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