Hypnotherapy By LaNeesha Gives A Strong Explanation For Confusions Between Manifestation & Witchcraft!

If you are someone who is confused and has a question “Is Manifesting Witchcraft?”. You are at the right place. Here is a brief about the context as explained by Hypnotherapy By LaNeesha, a renowned hypnotherapist firm from Anaheim, CA!

Terms like the law of attraction and manifestation have become a point of discussion these days! There are thousands of people on either side regarding the believability factor of the law of attraction and manifestation. It is totally the choice of an individual to believe or deny something. Let’s not get deep into the discussion as anybody should not be forced to do or believe something.  

Instead, let me talk about something that has been confusing many people who have heard about the law of attraction and manifestation and made them hesitate to try it. “Is Manifestation Witchcraft?”This is a question that stops many people from trying manifestation to achieve their wishes and abundance.

Is Manifesting Witchcraft?

You will have to be clear about witchcraft and manifestation to understand the answer to the question “Is manifesting witchcraft?”. Secondly, It has been a topic of debate in the recent past even though both manifestation and witchcraft have been in practice for a very long time.

Reason For The Confusion

The boom of social media in the recent past is actually the base of this sudden debate and confusion. Before the boom, both the law of attraction and witchcraft were popular only among people who were associated with it. But now, any random individual is at least aware of the terms due to social media influence. This ultimately led to a dangerous trend of misleading manifestations to Witchcraft and claiming both are the same by some influencers. You know what, there are even tit tok for you to learn to be a witch which is very bad to see. 

About Witchcraft

Let’s not get deep into it as it deals with more negative practices that are used only to curse people around us. It has been in practice for ages in various forms. It summons evil demons and spirits to cause misery to other people. It is connected more to black magic and other spiritual practices that are created to spread negative energy.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is an integral part of the law of attraction practice which is always used to attract positive people and things into one’s life. In simple words, it is the habit of imagining and believing your desires in life in the way that you have already achieved them in your life and showing happiness and gratefulness in response. It is like sending positive signals to the universe so that it can help you achieve your wishes in any way possible. Kindly note that it is not magic or a trick, you will have to put your heartfelt efforts into making it happen. The energies of the universe will help you to achieve it faster as strong as the signals you send to them. This can be done in many ways like journaling, saying positive affirmations, making a vision board, and a myriad of other methods.

Hence the short answer is NO, and it will never be! Even though both the concepts of manifestation and witchcraft remain more or less similar. There is a huge difference in its usage. The law of attraction and manifestation totally works on positive energy and it is used to attract abundance into one’s life. This will definitely not affect anybody around you. People who believe in the law of attraction and are aware of the powers of manifestation will definitely use it in a positive way. 

On the other hand, Witchcraft is something that works on negative energy and is used by many people to cause harm to others. It has been mailed to many kinds of misfortunes throughout history. There are many records of witchcraft being claimed as the cause of illness and even death irrespective of adults, children, or even animals.

Thus you don’t have to confuse manifestation and witchcraft. The answer is always no to the question “Is Manifesting Witchcraft?”. You can freely believe in the law of attraction and the science behind it to attract love and wealth into your life, says the expert.

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