INOV8 Established Its Second Store In York, With A Unique Way To Connect The Community

The highlight of the store is the in-store coffee shop upstairs that will provide space for up to 20 people to sit comfortably at a time.

INOV8, a renowned sports brand, based in the Lake District, has opened its second physical shop in the York region. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on March 16th, 2024. The store occupies the space where Costa Coffee previously flourished. 

Mike Snell, the CEO of the INOV8 said, “York is a good mix of rural and town. It is an active place with a feel of a town, but has all the benefits of a city.” Currently, they are engaging themselves in giving the shop a final touch to ensure the highest standards and customer experience.

As usual, this York establishment will sell its own brand of clothes, footwear, and equipment for hikers, runners, and gym enthusiasts. What sets the brand truly apart from its competitors is its ability to provide flexible and lightweight shoes with minimal soles designed to support all types of feet. 

Connecting Community Through Coffee-Shop:

The highlight of the store is the in-store coffee shop upstairs that will provide space for up to 20 people to sit comfortably at a time. Additionally, the shop will provide space for various activities like yoga classes, social events, film screenings, and other events. With this new concept (sports brand with coffee shop), they aim to change the usual perspective of a sports brand and to foster an atmosphere that brings the customers together, creating a like-minded community. James Nettleton, Business Development Director said, “We want everyone to feel at home.”

The team at York INOV8 consists of experts ranging from certified coaches to individuals pursuing PhD. James said that customers are welcome to “drop in for a coffee and chat with the team.”

According to James, even from the off, they have been receiving incredible responses from the local clubs, runners, and community organizations and gaining inspiring ideas for partnerships and collaborations. INOV8 hopes for fruitful collaborations with its partners. 

James commented, “This confirms what we always thought about York. It’s a place teeming with people who share our passions for running, the outdoors, and training.”

“We hope people will use the store not just as a shop, but also as a gathering place before and after runs, hikes, and gym sessions. All are welcome and excellent coffee awaits,” added James. 

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Opening Event At INOV8

Upon the opening, INOV8 is planning to conduct its first event – ‘Fun Run’ on March 24th Sunday at 10:00 a.m. The run will cover a distance of 10 km, commencing from the store. INOV8 extends its invite to the community of York. The runners will have the privilege to run along with Jack Scott, who is INOV8’s record-breaking trail runner and a champion of the 268 Miles Spine Race Ultra Marathon. Jack will be sharing his success story to the crew, and answers to the people’s questions over coffee and snacks. 

The opening hours of INOV8 are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. For more updates, visit their website. 


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