It’s Summer! Dr. Jacob Stutz At Frisco Family & Sports Chiropractic Educates The Right Way To Exercise

Summer is the season of joy! It is actually the break of the year that makes us move our body. It’s common for a lot of us to increase our exercise routines, engaging in activities like mountain hiking, biking, swimming, and cycling during summer. Even though it is great, you will have to be very careful, says Dr. Jacob Stutz from Frisco Family & Sports Chiropractic. It is because our enthusiasm to excel in our preferred sport might occasionally result in pushing too hard and getting hurt. This overexertion can lead to unwanted complications on our health. Hence, the expert found some time to advise on the best way to approach exercise. He insists on four important steps for the purpose. Here is what he says,

Understandings Its Primary Purpose

The main goal of working out is to shape and encourage blood flow. A lot of folks concentrate on developing high levels of power or focusing on shaping specific areas of the body, but they overlook the basic reason for doing physical activity. First and foremost, working out should enhance muscle firmness and the circulation of blood. As you work on making your muscles firmer and boosting blood flow, your body will, by default, gain strength. Striving excessively for maximum muscle bulk can result in problems with joints and excessive strain.

Analysing Your Ability With Intensity

The level of effort in your exercise should align with your present health status and stage of existence. If you’re recuperating from sickness or harm, your physical activity ought to be gentle, at a leisurely pace, and incrementally increased. Individuals in good health are capable of managing moderate activities. As we grow older, the kind of exercise we require evolves. Once you reach 60, your workouts should be quite mild. If your body can’t manage the full intensity of the exercise, you should only do 80%. Exceeding these limits speeds up the normal deterioration of body tissues more quickly than the body can restore them.

Aligning Your Body

Before starting any workout routine, it’s important to correctly position your joints and spine with the help of chiropractic treatment or alternative body therapies. If you continue to move your joints and they’re already misaligned, this can exacerbate the existing misalignment. Incorrect positioning causes tension and damage to the joints involved in any repeated movements, setting the stage for harm. Fixing these imbalances will enable your body to manage summer tasks without difficulty.

Concentrate On The Mind-Body Connection

Instead of a relentless drive to increase the number of miles or the amount of weight lifted, I suggest focusing on the here and now during milder activities such as walking or yoga. By being completely engaged, alert, and conscious of your surroundings, you can reap the rejuvenating advantages of physical activity. Intense exercise frequently makes us tune out the world around us, focusing instead on achieving objectives or extending our capabilities. However, genuine physical activity should awaken our awareness and enable us to connect with the natural world through the simple act of breathing in and out with it.

Hence, you must focus more on your energy and health rather than reps and looks, said Dr. Jacob.

Who Is Dr. Jacob Stutz?

Dr. Jacob Stutz is a recognized chiropractor in Frisco, TX, who obtained his chiropractic education from Logan University. With nearly a decade of experience in chiropractic care, Frisco Family & Sports Chiropractic stands out as a premier clinic that tailors treatments to each person’s unique needs. Dr. Stutz adopts a holistic, comprehensive method towards natural health and well-being, which has successfully aided a wide range of patients from various ages and backgrounds in reaching their peak health and wellness. He provides standard chiropractic services and focuses on chiropractic treatments and rehabilitation for athletes, regardless of their skill level.

Address: 8501 Wade Boulevard, Suite 420, Frisco, TX 75034 

Phone: +1-972-294-5534


Dr. Jacob Stutz is an expert in handling procedures including diversified technique, Thompson drop table technique, flexion distraction table, decompression tables, impulse adjusting, myofascial release and interferential current therapy, activator method, chiropractic adjustment, joint flossing, soft tissue injuries & ultrasound. He is also available for a 30 minute consultation for your convenience.


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