Modern Day Struggles: JTG Systems Warns About Innovative AI Scams!

Most of us would have heard of AI. Briefly, It is the latest technology that is fed with a large amount of previous data which is used by the program to resolve an issue. Roughly, It is a program that creates new algorithms to make a decision with previously available information. Many large industries like finance, healthcare, retail and much more have started to leverage the potential of AI.

Journey Of JTG Systems!

For nearly two decades, JTG Systems has been providing quality computer services. Their experienced team is capable of doing extensive repair on any of your modern products. They have always worked on ensuring safety to people in this digital world. This is what they actively involve in educating common people about their industry. On that note, They insist you be alert and aware of mobile scams with the technology in trend, Artificial Intelligence.

Scams With AI

Any technology has its own positives and negatives. There will always be people who find loops to use in an unethical way. AI is never an exception. You might have heard about scams with “Deep Fakes” which misinterpret individuals through videos. Many celebrities are affected by this bad practice. Resembling this, Scammers these days use this technology to recreate the voice of their friends and family. This will be done by capturing audio pieces through your mobile conversations. You know what happens next, They can easily trick you and make money scams.

Experts say that you can easily stimulate an individual’s speech with emotions with just a three-second audio sample using text-to-speech AI programs. Next, They will use an interactive program that will respond to your queries in a convincing manner. This can be easily done with virtual chat programs.

How To Protect Yourself?

It is actually difficult to answer this question. Many people would suggest using code words as a solution. I think this will not work, especially in an emergency which is mostly used by scammers. Only a cool approach can make you win in this situation. If you slightly have a doubt, never hesitate to verify the concern before providing the money.

The government has also initiated steps to stop the scam. The problems of these companies are that they are so focussed on developing the technology rather than fixing the flaws in it. Our knowledge can be the best protection to escape from these kinds of scams at present. Always have deep verification before taking any decision if you are in the situation. Never fall for the “urgency” factor!

Benefits Of Using AI In A Proper Way

On the other hand, AI has become an unavoidable technology that is storming up changes in various fields. There are many day-to-day benefits you can experience as a common man. Some of them are given below,

  • It helps you detect fraud in banking.
  • It acts as a driving aid with traffic updates and GPS route mapping.
  • It helps you spot errors with medical imagery analysis.
  • It has brought a breakthrough in selfless driving tests/driver assist features.

On the whole, Your safety is in your hands. There is nothing called privacy in this internet-driven world. Hence be wise to avoid losses, says JTG Systems as a responsible service provider!

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