‘Just Because Floral & Gifts’ Just Opened Its Doors In Theodosia, With Three Dynamic Ladies At The Helm

Top of everything, the shop features a children’s reading corner that stocks many donated books. 

Gifts and bouquets are truly priceless when received from or given to our loved ones. Hereafter, you don’t need to shop around for the perfect gifts, as Theodosia has housed a new floral and gift shop, just next to the Theodosia post office on Highway 160. ‘Just Because Floral and Gifts’ is owned by ladies Leslie and Sheri May. And, it is managed by Shari McCallister, who is the lead florist here.

Shari has been making floral arrangements for over 34 years. Before opening Just Because, she owned a floral shop in Houston, Missouri. The idea of opening a shop at Theodosia popped up in her mind when she visited the city a year ago with her friends Leslie and Sheri. Shari describes herself as a great supporter of local businesses. She enjoys eating and shopping at local shops. After visiting the city, Shari felt a strong connection to the city and was inspired to do something for the community.

Shari said that she enjoys meeting and surrounding herself with new people. Creating unique floral arrangements every day is her passion. One of her favorite things in her career is decorating Christmas Trees. Shari shared a proud moment that she had the honor of decorating the Mission Governor’s Mansion during the time of Christmas, not just once, but for four years. 

Just Because Floral and Gifts: Not Just Another Floral Shop

Shari makes a wide variety of silk floral and fresh pieces. In the silk florals, she designs everything from centerpieces and bouquets to wreaths. Specialty items such as deer – or fishing-themed arrangements are also in their offerings. 

Shari wants her floral shop to deviate from being one of a kind, as she aims to offer more than a usual floral shop does. In addition to selling floral pieces, she includes various gift items, embroidered goods, plants, plush, and others. Having a lot of ideas to engage in a retail business, as for now, she sells laser engraved tumblers with ‘Bull Shoals Lake” on them. 

Top of everything, the shop features a children’s reading corner that stocks many donated books.  She calls it a ‘mini library,’ where young visitors can read books there and also take them home.

She said in a press release, “We want to build the business into one where people want to come and see what’s new because things are constantly changing. I want people to drop in, bring their cup of coffee or soda pop, and say hi.”

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In The Future

Shari has ambitious plans to be carried out. In the near future, she will be conducting ‘make and take’ workshop classes for the local community, where the participants can learn to arrange floral pieces and take them home with them. Currently, she has been planning to execute the plans. Also including a separate space for antique pieces is in her mind. Soon, she will unveil the updates. 

Follow Just Because Floral and Gifts Shop’s Facebook page for timely updates. Contact Shari at justbecausefloral24@gmail.com or +1 417-260-0024. Curbside pickups and in-store shopping are available. 


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