Keep Your Mind Young With Selena Gomez’s New Song – “My Mind And Me” 

Music is enjoyed not only by humans but also by other creatures as it is a universal language. You may have heard that some animals like dogs, cows love to hear music. Though it sounds strange, it is indeed a fact. It is the expression of inner feelings like love, hope, joy, sympathy, distress and so forth. Doesn’t that change your mood whenever you hear the music/song of your favourite playlist? We never know what the impacts of music have on us. The undeniable fact is that we are lured by the music regardless of what language it is composed in.

An adage is that music is a universal language which can be understood by all. We enjoy the music of not only our mother tongue but also of Arabs, Scottish, Japanese, and so on. “We often find ourselves immersed in the nodes, the rythm, the tunes of the music. It refreshes our mood, and keeps our mind young” – says a ThreeBestRatedⓇ Psychiatrist BARBARA BENTON, MD, in United States. Overall music is quite an impressive and pleasant feeling that no one would wish to miss.

“My Mind and Me” is on fire now!

This week can be a wonderful one as we have a music track released by our best ever singers Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez’s “My Mind and Me” track has been released and enjoyed by over 4.9 million people within four days. This song is featured in her documentary which bears the same name “My Mind and Me”. Instead, let’s talk a bit about them and their songs.

Selena Gomez - My Mind & Me (Official Lyric Video)

She revealed herself through this song!

We can see Selena Gomez’s openness about her mental health. She has been diagnosed with bipolar condition (mental condition which causes serious mood swings) and suffering from some physical ailments too. Besides her poor health, she is facing some criticism about her relationship too. Obviously, demeaning and humiliating are two hateful things that celebs, especially women cannot avoid. Selena is no exception, as she has gone through a lot though her life looks like anything but from the outside. But these things don’t seem to have any impact on her will power.

She reveals her boldness by releasing a track which reveals her mental health condition. This action of hers is praised by all as no such celebs would dare to do that. Furthermore, the song starts like “Wanna hear a part to my story? I tried to hide in the glory, And sweep it under the table so you would never know”. This song takes an in depth insight into her life. 

She sings, 

“Yeah, I’m constantly

Tryna fight somethin’ that my eyes can’t see”

This shows that she is constantly fighting to overcome all these things. For sometime, she lacked confidence and wanted to hide her sorrows. But now she has come out with such a  confidence again and has filled this song with such a vibe that a plethora of her fans are keep commenting like 

“She’s an amazing role model, always spreading kindness no matter what, and despite being through all those horrendous things where most people would simply give up, she keeps going”

“I’m proud that throughout everything she’s dealt with, she has the courage to open up about all this.”

So yeah. This song will definitely become one of her masterpieces just like her other songs. 


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