Laminated Brioche! A Very Simple Yet Delicious – Can Be Your Christmas Breakfast!

Have you ever wondered how brioche got a separate place in baking history? 

Well, the baking world is noticing new changes every day as people’s craving for food is increasing. So bakers have to introduce innovations into their baking style and tradition. Moreover, we have only 50 sleeps to gather with kith and kin, send them gifts, party, and dine in mouth-watering desserts and cakes. We all have been waiting for an entire year for this moment. So we think about baking and making cakes to feed our fellow mates. When we think about it, some traditional desserts that come to our mind are plum cakes, figgy/toffee puddings, traditional English trifles, eggnog cookies, holiday rum balls, panettone, etc. But this time, let’s do something different with this TikTok viral video post on @amauryguichon. A viral chef, named Amaury Guichon, is famous for his innovative designs in pastries. His vanilla Brioche-making video amassed 3.6 million likes in the last two days. 

Actually What Is It?

For any foodie, Brioche is a flavorful savory, and for bakers, it is a delectable dessert as brioche is a loaf of bread. I swear it will not be the regular one. Brioche is a classic French dough enriched with eggs, light sugar, and salt to attain pillowy strength. The reason for its extra silky softness is that it contains 70% butter to flour. 

Once it attains its desirable consistency, it is subjected to lamination with chocolate/vanilla syrup. This gives the brioche fluffiness and an amazing taste as well.

@amauryguichon Vanilla laminated Brioche! 🥐 Very simple yet delicious! #amauryguichon #brioche ♬ Memories of Paris – Paris Cafe Society

Best things about Brioche:

The first and foremost thing is its taste. Brioche is kneaded with milk, sugar, eggs, and butter, which makes it taste better. So unlike normal bread, you can add it to your favorite bread list like croissants, danishes, etc.., 

Another reason that makes bakers interested in this bread is that they can make a variety of desserts and snacks with this loaf of bread. Moreover, it is also great to be used as the base/ bun for many recipes. You might have a doubt how it holds the stuffing as it is so fluffy. No worries! It is sturdy enough to hold any stuffings like mushrooms, cheese, meatballs, sauces, potatoes, and so on. So it is easy to make burgers, sandwiches, toasters and plenty of others with this loaf of bread. However, despite its sturdiness, as already mentioned, it is too soft and airy to observe all the juices from the stuff you insert between them. This observes a good amount of juiciness from the protein and holds it along with its sweetness to thrill your taste buds.

In these senses, brioches wear down normal bread. Of course, it has a high amount of carbs and sugar. But there is nothing wrong with having one or two cheat days while on your diet. Because nothing can equalize happiness when you do what you love. So have it to experience an unforgettable taste. If you find yourself unable to make it at home, ThreeBestRatedⓇ Restaurants will feed you with fine and delectable brioches. 

Brioche is enjoyed worldwide. No wonder! It makes your day more memorable by filling your plate with a variety of Brioche buns, Cardamom brioche, etc… 

Brioche can be a delicious breakfast/dinner for you this Christmas that you can share with your friends and family and have some fun with. 



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