Lehigh Valley To Welcome A New Facility: Hounds Town Offers Daycare, Boarding, And Spa Services

The participants can get exclusive offers and the chance to win a raffle prize that offers 10-day free daycare services.

Pet parents can understand the real pain of leaving their pets behind when they go to work or on a vacation. You can’t always take your pets with you. Hiring a pet sitter can be a better option, but not for long absences. When you hire a pet sitter, you need to allow them to be at your home, when you are away. The concern is genuine and understandable!

Hounds Town Allentown of Hounds Town USA takes this concern away from you by offering the right solution for you and your dogs. It was founded by Michael, a retired US Navy veteran, founding member of the NYPD canine unit, scent detection dog trainer, and former Commanding Officer of the Nassau County Canine Unit in 2000. Since its establishment, the franchise chain has been providing reliable, satisfactory, worry-free pet care services to your dogs. While the chain has locations throughout the USA, it opened its Lehigh location on June 20th, at 2305 28th St. SW in Allentown.

The chain held the soft opening already in March. On 20th June, it hosted a grand opening, between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., with the ribbon-cutting ceremony starting at 5:00 p.m. 

Hounds Town Allentown extended its warm invitation to all the residents and their pets to the celebration. The event featured food vendors and treats, including ice creams, burger shack burgers, pup cups, etc., for both pet parents and the pets. The participants got the opportunity for exclusive offers and the chance to win a raffle prize that offers 10-day free daycare services.

The Owners Of Allentown Location

Hounds Town Allentown is owned by a local couple Linda D’Alessandro and Michael Beauchamp, and is managed by Ashley Brown. Both Linda and Michael are lifelong dog lovers and want to fulfill the need for a local Hounds Town outlet. 

Linda stated in a press release, “Michael and I found that the quality of pet care in Allentown was lacking, and Hounds Town was the perfect opportunity to elevate the level of service for pet owners and their beloved companions. Between Michael, Ashley, and myself, we all believe in being active members of the community and plan to foster partnerships with local rescues and adoption facilities. 

“We’re thrilled to let dogs throughout Allentown just be dogs at Hounds Town!”

The dynamic couple boasts a wealth of experience in business development and financial services for over 20 years. Also, the Operational manager, Ashley is backed up by his strong experience in veterinary medicine and kennel management, who can provide the best care to pets in Lehigh Valley.

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“With a handful of locations already open in the state, I am thrilled that another Hounds Town location is growing in Pennsylvania! Linda, Michael, and Ashley are the perfect people to bring such an important service to the Allentown community,” Jackie Bondanza, Hounds Town CEO, stated in the press release.

What Is The Buzz At Hounds Town Allentown

Linda and Michael have refurbished a 6,000 sq. ft building for the venture. Similar to Hounds Town’s other location, the Allentown location also offers massive all-day play, comprehensive spa services, and luxury suits for overnight boarding for your dogs. They keep their services as affordable as possible. 

Dog daycare starts at $30 on select days, and dog and cat boarding starts at $60 and $25 a night respectively. And they also offer affordable spa services which cover spa baths, blowouts, nail trimming, teeth brushing, etc. In addition to these, they are so dedicated to arranging for taxi services to pick up the dogs at the facility. Linda and Michael are also planning to have an outdoor play space for the dogs later this year. 

For more information, visit Hounds Town Allentown’s website or call 484-729-3861 or email at allentown@houndstownusa.com

Hounds Town Allentown’s natural pack environment lets your dogs enjoy and socialize with a group of dogs of their own size, play style, and temperament that contribute to avoiding separation anxiety and ensuring a balanced life for your dogs.


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