Wanna Step Your Parents In Australia? Link Migration Gold Coast Elucidates On Non Contributory Parent Visas For The Process!

Living a happy life after migration to Australia is actually a dream for a large group of people around the world. It is because of various merits you can experience living in this one of the top countries of the world in most sectors. It is filled with opportunities for talents, places to see and well-organised society to live in. It happens for people who have the knowledge and proper way of approach to reside in Australia as an immigrant. However, Most of the people in the group wish to bring their parents to the country. The country has possibilities for the dream. There are special types of visas in practice for the concern. They are called “Parent Visas”, says Link Migration Gold Coast, a recommended migration agent operating on Gold Coast. They are kind enough to share important details on Non Contributory Parent Visas — Subclass 103,

Non Contributory Parent Visas — Subclass 103

This visa applies to permanent residents or settles Australian citizens who would like to sponsor their parents to join them in Australia. The visa might take a very long time for approval. In fact, There are chances of never receiving the visa in their lifetime. Below listed are the brief of steps involved in the process,

  • Lodging of visa & sponsorship applications.
  • Visa assessment.
  • Waiting period in the queue after passing the assessment test(this could take up to 50 years).
  • Another health assessment when you are the next in the queue.
  • Pay the second instalment of the visa fee.
    • Visa is granted.

There are two types of the specific visa in practice. One is for parents under the retirement age of Australia(65), the other is for people over the retirement age. The difference is that the aged parents over 65 years old can apply within Australia, which means you can be granted a bridging visa that will let you stay in Australia while your application is in the queue. On the other hand, Under-aged can apply from outside Australia. However, They have no eligibility for a bridge visa.


Criteria to be fulfilled to be eligible for non contributory parent visas — subclass 103 includes,

  • Your sponsor is a PR or settled Australian citizen.
  • You have more children settled in Australia than in any other country.
  • Prepared to compensate the government for availed social service in the period after becoming eligible for the visa.
  • You pass the health assessment while applying and at the test when the visa is about to be granted.

There are even other types of visa for your convenience like Aged Parent Visa — Subclass 804, Aged Dependent Relative Visa — Subclass 838/114, Contributory Parent Visas — Subclass 173,143,884 & 864, says the firm. Choosing professionals like Red Earth Migration will be the preferred choice as you will have to be guided by experienced people throughout the process, finished the firm.

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