Here Is The List Of Handy Macro Calculators Recommended By ThreeBestRatedⓇ Experts To Track Improvement Of Body!

Keeping our body in perfect shape is the dream for most of us. In fact, All of us would have taken “going to the gym every day and bringing your body into the best shape!” as a new year resolution at least once in our life. Our laziness and inconsistency remain the biggest hurdle in the path to achieving the state. It is one of the unaddressed problems faced by many people around the world. It can never be resolved until you set your mind towards achieving the goal.

The first step is always the toughest one! Thanks to technology that has introduced various facilities that help and motivate you in body improvement. One of those is the macro calculator which is available online as simple apps or on websites. This helps you to track the changes in the need for macronutrients in your body according to your weight and daily activity levels. This helps you in evaluating the nutrition levels in a particular food. This will be very useful when you are following a specific diet.

What Are Macros(Macronutrients)?

Briefly, Macros are the chemical compounds consumed through food to provide bulk energy to the body for its functions. Commonly, Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the core components of macros. It is very important for a body for its activities as it provides calories along with essential parts of human nutrients including dietary minerals and crucial nutrients.

Is Tracking Macros Beneficial?

If you are keen and designed to achieve something in a specific health journey and have taken important steps like consulting a physician, It is very beneficial for you. It will be a great helping hand in deciding what to eat and the levels of its intake. It gives you more flexibility in deciding the pathway. However, It requires motivation, commitment and consistency to see results.

Hence, It is very important to track the levels and actions of macronutrients in your body if you are into a fitness journey. Below listed are some of the best & free macro calculators available online to track your body improvement for your convenience in the journey,

IIFT — If It Fits Your Macros

“If It Fits Your Macros” is actually a phrase commonly used to refer to implementing specific foods into a diet by the macro-tracking community. This macro calculator specializes in applying a step-by-step procedure to calculate your macros. It additionally provides you thought-provoking help while collecting your information with prompts. It will perform like a friend to talk to in your fitness journey who guides and corrects your mistakes. It is intelligent enough to collect necessary details including information of your carvings and current diet.


If you are someone who is knowledgeable about the number of calories needed for you roughly in a day, the Freedieting macro calculator would be one of the perfect choices in the list. It will easily give you the breakdown from a particular calorie number. Even though it is not personalized it is a good-to-go option considering the free factor. It also offers you a calorie calculator, weight loss calculator, body fat calculator and various other useful tools for free. The paid version provides you with extra benefits like guides and other useful stuff.

Healthy Eater

If you are from the group who have an idea about the process and are knowledgeable enough to understand it, Then you are good to go with the macro calculator of Healthy Eater. Age, weight, height, gender and activity level are the factors used by the calculator to calculate the level of macronutrients. It makes the process more interesting with the option of doing calculations based on your fitness goals. In case, If you want to lose 5% of something, It will have the ratio displayed which constantly reminds you of your goal.

Muscle For Life

If you are a newbie to the fitness journey and do not have clarity in the process, You will have to get deep into the process with more details analyzed from your side to get to know about the transformation. Muscle For Life might be the preferred choice for you. You will manually have to give your body fat level, activity percentage and weight. It will determine your Total Daily Energy Expenditure(TDEE), Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) and Lean Body Mass(LBM). The calculator will determine the level of calories needed for you(deficit/surplus) according to your need in the fitness journey.

Katy Hearn

Katy Hearn is the best choice for people who are looking for something simple and effective. The calculator provides you with “recomp” as the goal option after receiving all your details like age, gender, weight, height and activity level to calculate macros. “Recomp” is super comfortable for people looking to gain weight.

You can also check macro trackers like Cronometer, MyMacros+, MyFitnessPal, Fitocracy Macros and much more which helps you in keeping all of your information collectively in one place. Keep your first step in your fitness journey with these best & free macro calculators! All these are hand-picked by experts from ThreeBestRatedⓇ which is one of the prominent business listing sites functioning in eight different countries of the world to give you the best professional/service in your vicinity with just taps on your mobile.


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