Maplebrook Acupuncture Clinic Clears The Fear Of Acupuncture Needles!

Acupuncture needles are the biggest fear of people who wish to opt for acupuncture as a treatment for their problems. Maplebrook Acupuncture Clinic helps you understand all about acupuncture needles and eliminate the fear of it!

As we all know, there are plenty of medication types in practice. Each has its own method of curing your disease and helping you recover. However, most of us always prefer modern medicine. In other words, we somehow underestimate or hesitate to put traditional methods into practice. Acupuncture is one such medicinal method that has been in practice for ages! Funnily, the reason for neglecting acupuncture for a common man is the needle used in its procedure. Here are some of the important information you must know about acupuncture needles,

Why Acupuncture Needles?

Acupuncture is a treatment that uses the nervous system to cure our body. The method uses specific points on our nervous system called acupuncture points for the purpose. This is where the role of acupuncture needles comes. They will be used to stimulate the points. They help you release chemicals into the spinal cord, muscles, and brain. This will stimulate the body’s natural healing, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Is It Safe Using Acupuncture Needles?

You don’t have to fear using acupuncture needles for your body healing. It is a part of the process. The experts know the best way to use it to cure your problem with their expertise. All acupuncture needles used today are single-use, pre-sterilised and disposable types. Most of the common types are made of stainless steel with lengths ranging from 7mm to 8cm. Usually, they are inserted from 2.3 to 2.5 cm inside the body for the treatment.

How Long Can We Have Acupuncture Needles Inserted?

This is the next question most of us are confused about. It is totally according to the treatment, type of problem and condition of the person. It can be from a few seconds to even hours according to the type of needle and purpose of the treatment. There are even small specialised needles that will be left in your body for days in the treatment. Only the acupuncturist will explain to you the duration of the treatment as it always differs from one person to the other. They will also lightly flick or twist the needles during this time. Be prepared to handle it.

Types Of Acupuncture Needles

As already mentioned, there are plenty of acupuncture needles in practice. Here is the list of some of the important specialised acupuncture needles that are designed for a particular usage. They are,

Press Needles

Press needles are designed to be used in prolonged conditions. Hence they will be the go-to needles for treatments requiring the needles to be in the body for a longer period of time. Typically from one to three days. They are very small in length. Usually 1–3 mm long they are “pressed” onto the point with the help of a small, sterile surgical adhesive patch. This is why it is named so. It has a spiral loop of metal form to stop it from getting wholly into the body. It is mostly preferred for the acupuncture treatment of the external ear. You must take great care to keep it clean in the treatment.

Intradermal Needles

Intradermal needles are very thin and short in length. These are mostly preferred to treat addictions and chronic pains and for auricular acupuncture and other treatments in which the needle has to be placed at very shallow depth(1–3mm) on specific points. They are covered with waterproof tapes to stop movement and damage.

Plum Blossom Needles

Plum Blossom needles are one of the common needle types in use. It is also called a seven star needle as it is actually a flower-shaped formation with seven filiform needles. It appears like a hammer head with a long handle which is often flexible. Some of the subtypes in it are even disposable while others have a detachable head for sterilising. It is also placed on the skin by tapping making sure it is light and swift.

Three-Edged Needles

As of the name Three-Edged Needles, it is a group of three needles with a triangular body. It is very thick and has a sharp tip along with a round handle. It is widely used to extract blood from the body at specific acupuncture points, says the expert clinic.

There are still various other types that are in practice for acupuncture treatment. It is just an overview of acupuncture needles. Please get in touch with Maplebrook Acupuncture Clinic to know in detail about the treatment.

All About Maplebrook Acupuncture Clinic!

Maplebrook Acupuncture Clinic has dedicated themselves to educating the community about  alternative healthcare therapies and overall well-being. Hence they have made numerous initiatives to help people be self-aware and under the potential of other treatment methods like acupuncture. Over the years, the firm has created a trustability which made people from as far as Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri to approach them for acupuncture treatment. They are always a call away from your reach. Please sit in a consultation with them to experience the best acupuncture treatment of your life. 

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