Marriage in the “New” India

Micro wedding is becoming the new norm

The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.

– William Lyon Phelps

Weddings are amazing. From a simple traditional wedding to a theme wedding, almost all of us have our own idea of a perfect wedding. And most of us seek the help of a wedding planner to bring our ideas to life because, let’s be real, planning a wedding is no joke. It’s all about bringing families and friends together and celebrating. 

But with the ongoing global pandemic, there is no way for 1000 people to gather in a venue to celebrate a wedding. And the situation probably won’t change anytime soon. But don’t worry. There’s still a safe way for couples to have their dream wedding. 

It is called “Micro Wedding,” and it is the hottest trend in this post-pandemic world. 

What is Micro Wedding?

Micro Wedding is a form of an intimate wedding, typically with only 50 or fewer guests. It will include the same traditions as a normal wedding but on a smaller scale. 

Now, you may think this might work for western countries, but in India, a wedding with only 50 people seem highly unlikely. Because in here, the number of guests at a wedding will easily cross 500. And cutting it down to 50 is impossible. 

Or is it?

Despite all the complexity, Micro Wedding is actually becoming highly popular in India. Hundreds of couples have ditched the grandiose ceremonies with thousands of guests and tied the knot in an intimate wedding. 

Time to get creative:

Just because everyone has to wear masks and gloves doesn’t mean the wedding will look boring. Indian weddings are all about grand ceremonies, bling, and grandeur. Many couples made masks and gloves out of the same fabric as their wedding attire and rocked the look. 

And couples who didn’t want to cut down the guest list invited them to attend the wedding in shifts. Thus, making everyone feel included and keeping everyone safe. 

Micro-wedding – a boom to hotels and wedding planners:

According to the Washington Post, hotels across the globe are thriving, thanks to the small weddings. Many hotels and wedding planners are even offering small wedding packages to accommodate the influx of requests. 

Sure, the concept of having a small wedding might seem a little odd at first. But with sanitation fans, destination weddings, socially distanced seating arrangements, and themed menus, many couples have proved that Micro wedding can be just as grand and fun as any typical “Big fat Indian wedding.”


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