Meet Thoren Bradley Who Is On Fire On TikTok!   

No one can identify the cause for the success of “Thor”. It is quite a mystery. Personally, my brother is a fanboy of “Thor”.  We all are obsessed with ‘Thorism’ and don’t even have a clue about what makes us obsessed with it. Yet different people find different reasons for this obsession. For some, it is because of Thor, for others, it is because of plot. But for most of the people, it is the hammer – the weapon of the Asgard god Thor, is the only reason for this obsession. 

Have you ever wondered why?

Obviously, we are clueless! Yet, the vibes that Thor and his hammer created within us is indescribable. no one could even get themselves out of this Thorism. We’re still vibing in it.

In the same way a tiktoker @Thoren Bradley has found himself as the latest viral sensation because of imitating Thor. With his videos on Tiktok, youtube, and Instagram he showcased his skills in cutting the logs into two with his hammer. The way he tosses his hammer imitates Thor with his hammer in the comic Thor: Ragnarok. This has amassed millions of fans and likes to him. His latest video has also crossed 50K likes within a few hours of posting it. 


Did super well against these considering they were water-logged 😊 But I still prefer the smaller axes for a long day of work. 🤷🏻‍♂️

♬ original sound – Thoren Bradley

Now the question is how can he do this?

Cutting a log into two within two – three strokes / tosses, is almost impossible. But he is doing it. We don’t know what he is going to do with all these logs. It could be his hobby. But where he gains such a power is a jaw-dropping thing that everyone questions about. 

For this question, it can be rightly said that his physical fitness. Personally speaking, he is a fitness freak and has founded the fitness app named OHK. He has trained people to become physically fit, gain muscles, and self groom. So it can be the reason for his strength. In one of his interviews, Bradley says, “Bodybuilding and fitness is an expressive art that can heal the mind”.  He adds “Biggest goal is to change the way we look at blending bodybuilding with a maintainable lifestyle”. 

What can you get from his videos?

With his videos, you can understand the importance of fitness both physically and mentally. Since he has a masters degree in physiology, he stresses the importance of spiritual fitness along with physical well being. So he encourages his fans to improve the flexibility and strength of the mind as well. 

If you dig into this, you will understand the importance of what he meant in the above statement. Neglecting spiritual well being, you all aim for physical well being. But you have to balance both equally. Spiritual fitness emphasizes emotional and intellectual fitness. It is important to realize the purpose of your life and your soul. Spiritual fitness refers to your beliefs and practices that strengthen your hope, and purpose. So Physical fitness can possibly be nothing without such belief and hope. This is what he is trying to convey us through his videos and captions. So let us adapt to his way of enjoying life, too.


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