Michigan Locals Now Have A New Destination To Enjoy ‘Thai Cuisine’

The cuisines will take both takeout and dine-in services.

Thai cuisine is known for its complex unique flavor profile that blends the salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors nicely together. If you are from Lapeer, you don’t have to search anywhere to savor Thai cuisine, as Lapeer has now housed a new Thai restaurant, Kin Thai Cuisine. 

‘Kin’ means ‘eat’ in Thai. The owners Tou Yang and Debbie Thao have rightly named the restaurant, which has taken over the space inside the former Chef G’s building, located at 450 W.Nepessing Street. Prior to Lapeer, the duo had their first Thai restaurant in Farmington Hills, which they sold recently. According to the duo, they are trying to replicate the atmosphere and meals of their first location. 

The Kin Thai Cuisine will serve a wide selection of classic to contemporary Thai dishes, starting from appetizers, curries, soups, noodles, rice entrees, brown sauce stir-fries, and beverages.  

For beverages, they serve jasmine hot tea, Thai iced tea & coffee w/cream, and Coke products. For appetizers, they have a variety of rolls, tofu todd, crab wontons, etc… Besides a variety of soups, noodles, and fried rice menus, they have some staples such as pad prik, drunken noodles, gaeng keow warn, kow pad kapraw, chicken egg roll, and chicken satay. As per Yang and Debbie, ‘Pad Thai’ is one of the popular choices at their restaurant. 

Generally, Thai foods are healthier, and the duo aims to use fresh ingredients to make them even more healthy and delicious. Doing so, they believe that the Lapeer community would love their offerings and restaurant. 

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Partnership With Local Farmers:

In order to enhance the customer experience and freshness of the food, Yang and Debbie are striving to achieve their long-term goal- that is to partner with the local farmers. This way, they believe that they can reduce the distance of the raw produce and other essential ingredients to travel to reach their customers. So that it would be even more fresh, when they cook. 

Thao said, “We aim for a farm-to-table concept for our new restaurant, where we get fresh produce from local farmers, prepare it, and deliver it directly to our patrons.”

“We use so much fresh produce that we think we can partner with a farm to support them too. So when customers are dining with us, they’re not just supporting us, they support other local businesses.”

Thao said the goal is simply to deliver “tasty Thai foods” using fresh ingredients from local farmers or businesses in the community. 

Thao is originally from Thailand, whose family moved to the United States when she was an infant. Though it has been so long since Thao immigrated, she and her family still continue to enjoy Thai food. 

As a native of Thailand, Thao has been deeply moved by the community support she receives so far. When looking for the right to launch their Kin Thai Cuisine, she was so inspired by the ‘tight-knit’ nature of the Lapeer community and fruitful mixture of businesses there. Also, further research about this place also revealed that it is a hub of great activities like parades, holiday events, and cruises. So she immediately thought this was the place she was looking for and wasted no time in taking further steps. 

“We’re very happy to deliver fresh, tasty food to the Lapeer community,” Thao said. “It’s a dream to open a restaurant in a small community where it’s tight-knit.”

Thing to Note:

Kin Thai Cuisine will be open from Monday through Saturday – 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and closed on Sundays. The cuisines will take both takeout and dine-in services. For more updates and information, follow Kin Thai’s Facebook or visit https://kinthailapeer.com/


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