Mom’s Trip: A Gift Shop Owned By South Milwaukee Artist Has Been A Hub For Gifts, Essential Oils, Homemade Soaps And The List Goes!

A gift shop always has a feast for the eyes and something unique to explore and buy every time you visit. It is because of the creativity of the individual who is behind that shop. Every shop reflects the owner’s creativity and vision for sure. It is, in fact, they let the customer feel like a new adventure, filled with charming treasures. 

Here in South Milwaukee, an artist from downtown, who has been running a business under the name “trippy little gift shop” has opened her brick-and-mortar shop at 916 Milwaukee Ave, lower level, South Milwaukee. 

The Story Behind Mom’s Trip

Monique Jahnke is the one behind the shop, who has named her physical shop “Mom’s Trip.” She has been a secretary in a high school. But, due to her health check, she needed to leave her position and had to choose a job that was stress-free and supportive financially and physically. Thus her Mom’s Trip was born. 

Jahnke said in a press release, “I got my paint, and the green made me happy. I just looked at the first thing that made me happy. Then, I picked out everything, and I released all of that negative (feeling) and made it positive.

Before even envisioning her shop, Jahnke has been selling various homemade items such as soaps, essential oil products, and more from the local markets and shops (owned by others). She has also created her own prints and art and showcased her creativity on her Facebook page, under the name ‘Mom’s Trip.’

With this physical shop “Mom’s Trip,” she has transitioned from selling products at others’ stores to owning a shop. 

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What You’ll Find At The Shop?

At Mom’s Trip, Jahnke will be selling soaps, roll-on essential oils, prints, and art from recycled materials. She also offers mini prints – mini versions of her artwork, which will be more affordable for the customers. 

Recycled clothes are also available, for both children and adults. She believes that everyone should wear what really makes them feel happy and comfortable, regardless of traditional gender norms. On the side of recycling products, she uses bleach and tape to remove the design and bring the shirt to usable condition. Similarly, she utilizes the old T-shirts to make her no-sew tote bags, which have also found a place on Mom’s Trip’s shelves. 

According to Jahnke, she won’t be selling products that exceed $50 to make her products budget-friendly. Also, she frequently holds sales, which will be updated on her Facebook page. She aims to create a welcoming and go-to place for people to find more affordable clothes. 

Talking of the shop’s name, Jahnke said that it was his son (18), who came up with the name. Noting her ‘trippy cats’ she frequently drew, he proposed the name “Mom’s Trip.”

Jahnke held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on 4th May. The opening hours of the shop will be from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Sunday. To order the products online, visit the Mom’s Trip website.


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