Montreal Salsa Convention: San Tropez Dance School Showcased The World Of Latin Dance!

Latin dance is an interesting fusion of combining European & native and influences along with African styles. It is cool, vibrant and of course, a captivating art form that is loved by many people throughout the world. In fact, many dancers and beginners have so much love for the craft. San Tropez Dance School from Montreal remains a world of Latin dance for the locale and have made so much efforts into popularizing the dance form. Recently, this extraordinary dance school has participated in the Montreal Salsa Convention 2024 and have made significant achievements. 

Montreal Salsa Convention

Montreal Salsa Convention is organized by the Canadian Salsa Dance Corporation (CSDC), a non-profitable entity dedicated to promoting Latin dance, music, and culture. Their objective is to foster a wider public appreciation for various Latin dance forms and to provide avenues for dancers of every age and skill level to connect, increase visibility, and aid in the expansion of Latin dance.

The 19th Edition of Montreal Salsa Convention was recently completed at DoubleTree Hilton. The ultimate goal of this prestigious event is to motivate newcomers to uncover their potential in dancing, give experienced dancers chances to enhance their abilities, and motivate skilled dancers to extend their limits. Their sessions provide customized guidance, motivating every attendee to advance and thrive at their own speed while delving into the varied and lively realm of dance.

The students of San Tropez Dance School had a blasting show in the event and surpassed the competitors to clinch so many Gold and Silver medals. This made them go over the moon and motivated them to contribute more to the art of Latin dance. San Tropez Dance School shared, “We are thrilled to win this many medals in this event. A big thanks to our students who made it possible. All our efforts are reflected as these wonderful gold and silver medals!

The Vibe Of San Tropez Dance School

San Tropez Dance Academy stands as one of the city’s premier dance academies. It was established by the celebrated dance duo, Sonia and Moris, who are globally recognized for their talent. The academy is celebrated for its welcoming yet formal atmosphere and tailored instruction. It has been instrumental in nurturing the growth and happiness of students across various skill levels, thanks to its effective teaching methods. The academy actively supports Latin dance events in Montreal and even hosts them. They offer a special introductory rate for group classes. This allows them to offer a wide range of Latin dance styles, including Salsa, Bachata, and more, suitable for all ages. There’s no need to feel intimidated if you’re new to dancing. Their experienced instructors are there to guide you.

This June, they are about to celebrate the graduation of students who have completed all their levels at the dance studio to motivate the fellow people in the community. They also offer FREE outdoor Salsa + Bachata dancing at Parc Cabot with live music animated by their team. You can also expect their Teacher Certification course to be offered on July 13 and 14 at their studio by Sonia Kyriacou.

Address: 1222 Peel Street, Montreal, QC H3B 2T6 

Phone: +1-514-871-8852


Group classes and private classes for salsa, bachata, cha cha cha, kizomba, tango, merengue, styling, body isolation, choreo sessions, wedding choreography are the types of dance training you can expect from San Tropez Dance School. Please get in touch with them to have a trial week for you to decide.


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