Need Clarity on Legal Matters In Vancouver? Ask Navigate Law Group!

Dealing with legal proceedings can be exhausting, costly & time-consuming if you do it on your own. In case, if you appoint someone like Navigate Law Group to take care of it, you can be at peace and obtain the result you are expecting within the planned time frame. This is why you must appoint a professional for this purpose. Even though there are many law firms, what makes them so special?

The Story Of Navigate Law Group!

The Navigate Law Group had its humble beginning in December 2014 which was formerly MRM Law Group established by a group of three: Amber Rush, Eli Marchbanks, and Colin McHugh, who worked together in a law firm in Spokane, Washington. Within a year, the firm has grown to the point of hiring another attorney to deal with the clients. It was made possible by their efficient business structure and a firm culture that provided value for wellness to both employees & clients. By 2016, they had evolved to be an important name in the service around Vancouver. Today, Navigate Law Group is a mid-sized law firm in Vancouver, Washington. It is a perfect and efficient tight-knit group working diligently to understand and pull out the client’s needs in the court proceedings. The team consists of attorneys who have experience in various areas and backgrounds, which makes them dynamic in nature. Navigate Law Group also emphasizes giving back to the community to provide true access to the judiciary system. They feel it is their responsibility to contribute to society and create a community that is strong together! 

What Makes Them The Best?

The Navigate Law Group always focuses on the client’s protection in any case. Since all of their attorneys are strong legal advocates and wise counselors, the firm can guide you on proceeding with your case in the most preferred direction to bring the desired results. Their teamwork remains the strength of the firm to chart out the best course in any situation. Great communication with each of their clients helps them understand the situation accurately and make the proceedings with their knowledge with diligent representation in & out of courtrooms with strong client-centered advocacy at a reasonable cost making them convenient and the best law firm in and around Vancouver. 

The firm is also felicitated with various awards like Innovator of the Year(2021)- Business Growth Award Winners; Best Family Lawyers in Vancouver, WA(2020); Green Business Spotlight and much more. 

Expertise Of The Firm!

Navigate Law Group’s team of expert attorneys with over 130 years of combined experience can provide you the remedy for any of your legal concerns in Washington Family Law, Estate Planning, Estate Trust and Administration, Personal Injury Law, Business and Commercial Law, Oregon Cannabis Law, Entertainment Law, Alcohol Law, Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Bankruptcy Law and Land Use Law.

It was very hard and painful going through the court process. Feeling lost and defeated before the process even began. The peace of mind and confidence I gained after meeting with Amber Rush and the Navigate Law Group can’t be put into words. They mean business and they will fight for you.I hope that if you’re going through the court process you give yourself a chance to gain the peace of mind I gain with Navigate Law Group.”, said one of their clientele – Aaron w.

Important Details:

Address: 1310 Main St.Vancouver, WA 98660

Working Hours: Mon – Fri (7 AM to 5 PM)

Phone: 360-216-1098


They also have another office in Portland, OR to serve people in the region including Oregon Family Law which is in practice at the locale. Please visit their website to know more details. Navigate Law Group is the best in the service and can be the best place to get a solution for all your legal concerns.


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