New Boutique, Grae and Co Has Been Set to Elevate Christmas Celebrations in Downtown Of Great Falls!

With Christmas approaching, Grae and Co has become a hub of style and celebration with unique holiday finds and exclusive offerings. 

Festive Season always brings a lot of amusements and excitement. One notable thing about the festive season is the shopping experience which presents more opportunity for both the shopkeepers and shoppers alike. Customers will get more attractive deals and offers, and the shopper will get more sales. 

Needless to say, Christmas is just around the corner. And, you will be looking for the best shops to procure items such as costumes, accessories, and various other goods. 

If you are, Grae and Co will be your go-to destination in Great Falls. It is a newly emerged store, which held its inaugural function on 20th December, marking the commencement of its venture. With Christmas approaching, it has become a hub of style and celebration with unique holiday finds and exclusive offerings. 

Grae and Co – A Family-Owned Business:

Grae and Co is a family-run business, owned by a lovely couple – Andy and Erica Ferrin. Through this new venture, they are going to serve the Great Falls community with a more innovative and unique array of collections. While taking off the grand opening, Erica proudly shared the heartfelt origin of the brand’s name. She told KRTV Great Falls, that the name is an acronym derived from the initials of each cherished family member, comprising their two daughters, Gillian and Ruby, alongside Andy and Erica themselves. This naming convention showcases their close-knit family bond, underscoring the essence of their enterprise as a family-run affair.

Besides this, Ferrin has been serving the Great Falls community with other businesses as well. 

“I own Ferrin Furniture with my brother. And, then I have Enbar, The Block, and The Newberry. I have a lot of businesses downtown,” said Ferrin. 

Furthermore, Ferrins always wanted to remain rooted within the heart of the community, as they felt enormous energy there. This acts as a driving force behind their growth and to come up with new businesses to serve an even larger audience. 

Additionally, The comments and the posts on their Facebook page prove Grae and Co is nothing short of excellent.

One customer said, “I saw this the other night driving by. I’m going to have to check it out. It looks like a really cool store.”

Another said, “Take all my money!!” 

These commands stand as a testament to their offerings and the quality of the products. 

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Things To Remember:

The boutique will be located at 427 Central Avenue, Great Falls, Montana, United States. 

Phone: +1 406-868-8578

The opening hours of Grae and Co will be 10 am – 6 pm Downtown Great Falls we have arrived! 

On CHRISTMAS EVE, it will be 10 am-2 pm!


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