Ny-Ny’s Gifts Shop Opened Its Doors In Hummelstown – With Exclusive Offs

The shop is owned by Marlena, who has dedicated the shop to sharing her passion with the world and supporting independent makers. 

Hummelstown always brings something new to the residents to check out. Similarly, the downtown has recently said hello to a new gift shop, Ny-Ny’s Gifts at 17 E Main Street, Rear. The shop is owned by Marlena, who has dedicated the shop to sharing her passion with the world and supporting independent makers. 

“I started Ny-Ny’s Gifts as a way to get my creativity out but also help others get affordable gifts,” Marlena said. 

Ny-Ny’s Gifts: A Hub For Creativity

The beginning was really humble and quite interesting. She jumped into gift-making in 2016 when she crafted a ‘Sweet 16’ gift basket for her daughter. Then she propped up her business by doing small pop-up events at local schools, fire halls, churches, and even the Capital City Mall. After gaining significant exposure for her gifts in downtown Hummelstown, she decided to open her new shop, aiming to be a “welcoming place” for local marketers and artisans.

She added, “I came up with the idea to open the shop and offer other local small businesses a place they can come and sell from, that they wouldn’t have to tend to often like you do at events and it would be affordable. I wanted to collaborate and help others like myself grow.”

“I have several vendors who have taken that leap of faith with me.”

Marlena has collaborated with Roslyn’s Oil Blends, who specializes in essential oils, Lexys Art Designs, who creates art out of spray paint, AK Dream Kandles, who makes candles of unique designs and scents, Cindy Goods & Crafts, who makes all natural homemade pet treats, and other very talented and crafty vendors in the city and its surrounding. 

“I am still looking for local artists, small businesses, and craft vendors.”

At Ny-Ny’s Gifts, she makes custom gift baskets and candy bouquets, with the price range starting at $25 for a candy bouquet and $40 for a gift basket. Based on the customer’s budget, their desire, and even medical conditions such as allergies, and diabetes, she will customize the creations that make them look more elegant and unique. In order to customize your gifts, click here.

“They (her customers) give me a set amount and I shop for them with their people in mind. They can come to shop pre-made gift baskets as well.”

Exclusive Offs Upon Opening

Marlena held the soft opening for her Ny-Ny’s Gifts on June 4, 2024. However, she has scheduled the grand opening on 13th July from 12 pm to 4 pm. On the day of the grand opening, she has planned to feature balloon sculptures, face painting, raffles, and many more for the visitors. 

“I would like to mention that we also host small group events of up to 8 people in the boutique.”

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Some of the events include kid-friendly events, murder mystery parties, classes held by vendors themselves, and more. These events are just the tip of the iceberg, as she is hoping to collaborate with the local businesses around her to do some larger events in the near future.

When customers come into the shop, she will offer a 50% off coupon for events. These are valid exclusively for Ny-Ny’s Events. Also, she has a limited number, so grab the offer while they last! You can check out on the Ny-Ny’s Gifts’ Facebook, Instagram, and website.

The shop will be open Monday through Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 12:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m. She is hoping to extend the opening hours in the future. To get in touch with Marlene, call 7172569892


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