Over 25 Businesses About To Get Featured In The Third Annual Mother’s Day Market, New York!

International Mother’s Day is just a day away. People are planning to celebrate the day with surprise and gifts for their mom. On this occasion, the outdoor mother’s day market is all set to be the topic to talk about in New York for the third time. 

Origin Of Mother’s Day Market!

For about 30 years, Keener Hammond and her family attended the Olde York Street Fair which is one of the Mother’s Day traditions in downtown York since 1975. She got heavily inspired by the event and wanted to do something similar and have made efforts. Once a mainstay of York City’s Mother’s Day festivities, the Olde York Street Fair hasn’t taken place since 2019 due to COVID-19 limits and other practical issues. Finally in 2022, when she found out the city would no longer be hosting the event, Keener Hammond took matters into her own hands and organized her first outdoor Mother’s Day Market. It was a grand success and it is continuing year after year now. The owner of My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe and Preston & Jayne, Alexandria Keener Hammond  will be hosting the third annual Mother’s Day Outdoor Market this year.


2024 will be the third year of this Mother’s Day Outdoor Market. It will take place from 10 AM to 3 PM on North Beaver Street between West Philadelphia and West Market Street (between White Rose Bar & Grill and Holy Hound Taproom). The market will be filled with a variety of quality vendors selling flowers, gifts and other items. Any individual can walk into the market with their mom and present her the best gift of her life. About 29 small local businesses are said to take part in the event making it the largest market event yet.

Theme Of The Event

The market will feature a range of local shops set up on the street offering items including flowers, candles, handmade stuffed animals, handcrafted jewelry, beauty products, and more. It’s a great way to honor moms and spend a day out with family and friends. Local photographers will also be offering informal family street photographs.

“This is our way of celebrating and honoring all the moms out there,” said Keener Hammond. “We are excited to help families and small business owners connect with new products and services, not to mention make new memories with people they love.”

While asked about the improvements in this year’s event from the previous one, she said, “There was a lot of disappointment in last year’s arrangements, not only my customers but the community in general. Hence, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I scaled-down and wanted to bring the more intimate version of the event. So, I wanted highly curated vendors that focused on women, moms, children and pets. Many vendors were small businesses, some local and some from nearby states.”

If you are looking for the best place to spend some quality time with your mom in the streets of New York. This Annual Mother’s Day Market would be the best choice to make memories!


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