Photos of 20 Years In 20 Secs! Would You also Be This Much Dedicated To Your Children?

Witnessing your baby’s growth right from infancy to teenhood, to adulthood is a wonderful feeling for a parent. Have you ever taken the tiny soles and palms of your baby in your hands and wondered about how adorable they are? Those tiny feet and hands with time change will change a lot that will leave you in surprise. Every day, the constant change of your baby will amuse you so that you can’t even realise that time flies as fast as your children grow. Right? 

Every day, they enter into different stages of life like girl/boyhood, teenhood, woman/manhood, and adulthood. They tend to change and mature a lot. Hence, every parent wants to preserve these amazing moments as fresh as possible. They can’t stop time but can freeze the moments with photography, because what sort of happiness it brings you is indescribable, and can only be felt by the heart. 

Photos of 20 years in 20 seconds:

A director and Youtuber named Frans Hofmeester photographed her daughter with the same baby blanket in the background every week for twenty years. Originally, he posted the video on his YouTube channel @Hofmeester in 2019 stating that “You are witness to one of the most mysterious, profound processes of human life – ageing, the process of becoming older and growing up – accelerated into 5 minutes,”. After two years, that video has gained the attention of a plethora of people amassing almost 635.8KK likes in various social media like tiktok after it has been posted on Reddit a four days ago. 

This video shows his daughter’s entire twenty years in less than 20 minutes, capturing the human ageing process. Besides the ageing process, this video is an excellent example of the priceless love of a father for his daughter. Tirelessly, he had been doing it for twenty years. His level of dedication is praised by all the netizens.

@thesun Dad filmed daughter every week until she turned 20 (🎥 : Hofmeester) #dad #daughter #love #film #growup #family #cute #corememories #memories ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

Left every parent in astonishment!

This video of that father leaves every parent in anxiety and surprise at the same time that a person leaves a comment like “My oldest son is 14 and I don’t notice it in the day-to-day but if I see a picture or video of him from a year ago it’s shocking. Like…he was that little only a year ago?! His voice sounds so different, he holds himself differently. It’s crazy. It really drives home how little time parents have with their kids”.

Another notable comment is “There is something profoundly melancholic about this.” “She must’ve felt thrilled when she saw this video, the final product after 20 years of shooting it with her father. Really nice!” 

“Time is fleeting. Mine is only nearly 5 and I already get this anxious feeling. I see photos of when she was a baby and now is becoming a real little person already and I worry if I am doing everything alright, I want her to have a magical childhood.” 

Everything in the world is subject to change except for love. Hence, every parent wants to give the best to their children in all sorts of life. This feeling forced him (Frans) to do this. 

Photos are the best gifts! Do you know why?

One of the best children of science and technology is photography. The meaning of photography can be very simple, yet it means a lot to an individual. Imagine yourself looking at photos of yourself or your beloved ones taken a long time ago. It is quite nostalgic and digs the deepest soul out. Ultimately, you will get lost in your past, won’t you? 

Photography is done for two purposes by the people – some do it for a hobby and others do it to capture every precious moment. Though the purposes are different, the things that the photos carry for us are huge. The photos document the emotions, feelings, joys, and moods. It preserves the moment we lived. This is what the parents of the modern era want to do when they become parents. They want to preserve the minutes that their children lived. As already said, the journey from childhood to adulthood is so fast.

So they want to capture each and every moment of their children’s life and preserve them in the future. You can also do the same thing to your children as your children will love it, because according to Philippe Rochat, a professor of psychology at Emory University “it’s natural for children to want to look at images of themselves”. So gift your children the best moments of their life with the best photographers of ThreeBestRatedⓇ, a trustworthy ranking website. They will help you in making your children’s every nanosecond wonderful!

Parenting is the toughest yet most enjoyable one, as you will grow old along with your children. So fill your path with a lot of memories, so that when you look back, you will see how beautiful your journey was!



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