Pizza – Unarguably The World’s Favorite Food!

Food is what we live for and work for and there are regions where people die for food! It is the most basic need of any life without question. In fact, The evolution of humans is the after-effect of man starting to move in search of food. Food is a cultural representation. It depends upon the lifestyle of people, climatic conditions and a myriad of others of a particular place. The preferred food for each part of the world differs. There will always be something that dominates and is liked by many in any concern. Without a second thought, It is “Pizza” in the case of foods!

October is not all about Halloween and the hunter moon. It is dedicated to pizza too. Yes, October is National Pizza Month in America. It was first created & celebrated by Gerry Durnell, the publisher of Pizza Today magazine in 1984. Since then, Each year October is dedicated to and celebrated by consuming various flavors of pizza and having fun in pizzerias in and around the city. It is the best time to experience mouth-watering pizza varieties. Just surf on ethical sites like ThreeBestRatedⓇ that can feed you with all information of the best in your vicinity from services to professionals. Have you ever thought of why pizza is the most preferred food? Let me explain to you some points that constitute to the same,

  • Pizza is largely preferred by the working population as it is easy to cook and portable. Most of people running out of time will always find ways to shorten work. For the concern of food, Pizza can be the best choice as it requires less hassle for cooking even in large sizes and yet is portable very easily. You only need to grasp a slice and you are ready to go. It doesn’t need utensils as well, just a neat box of cardboard is more than enough which is disposable too.
  • People always prefer their local flavor as it has a high connection to their lives. Pizza has an advantage in this aspect as it is highly adaptable because pizza is more highly customizable than any other food. This helps people to add their local flavor of their culture and make pizza their own food. On the other hand, This feature helps to bake wide variety of pizzas that help people to relish diverse tastes every time they bite a slice of pizza.
  • There is Chemistry behind pizza being the preferred food! Sounds weird right? Yes, It is true because we humans are crazy about sweet, complex, rich and fatty foods. It is by nature a sweet with sauce content, rich and complex because of the meat toppings and highly fatty with cheese content. As the toppings are glutamate compounded, It excites our tongue and brain with their mouth watering taste. “Caramelization” which turns food brown and crispy makes it delicious with “Maillard Reaction ‘’ which makes meat and cheese turn brown making it even more appetizing.
  • Pizza when prepared with care can be healthier & can be affordable in most cases. It is probably the healthier food that can be prepared in no time as it is prepared with fresh vegetables and meat and every topping variety from onion to eggplant has good in it. On the other hand, It is highly affordable and cheap for most people as it is customizable. This gives the option for people to determine the cost for the slice of pizza they eat. This expanded the market of pizza to every corner of the world.
  • Pizza is the finest choice for fun and family time as it is easily shareable and handy enough when it comes to a get-together for families and friends. All the above-mentioned reasons make it the go-for choice for the concern.

These are some of the very basic reasons for the spread of Italian-origin pizza to every corner of the world. On this National Pizza Month, Take time to know more about it and visit pizzeria with your families and friends to have some leisure time that can be your greatest memory of life! Above mentioned sources will be the best choice to find the best one in your locality.


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