Qantas Unveiled New Booking Tool Dedicated For Small Business Travel!

Qantas released a new booking tool as part of its business reward program to support small business travel!

After the pandemic, Business owners struggled a lot to regain their status in the market. This impacted various industries including airlines. Only in the recent past, many small businesses have managed to come out of the extended effect of the pandemic. Qantas being a giant in the industry has come up with an interesting strategy to support small business travel.

Qantas & Its New Tool!

After celebrating its 103rd birthday recently, Qantas has managed to release new booking management tools for small businesses in the Qantas Business Reward Program. For now, Qantas is waiving a fee to join this program until December 8, 2023. The plan will be revised after the timeframe. This is aimed at making small business owners travel for their business reasons which reduced after the pandemic.

The speciality of this new tool is that it makes it very easy and convenient for business owners to set travel requirements which includes flights, hotels & cars. They will also have options to alter individual books to make a trip along with multiple employees. The main attraction of this tool is its access to data that will help you identify the trends and manage your business expenses accordingly along with profile booking behaviour analysis on each trip. All these will help you save your quality time & money. Qantas has mentioned in a statement that they have already tested the tool completely back in August and enhanced its performance according to the member feedback.

“We’ve been listening to our Qantas Business Rewards members who have told us that making it easier to manage their business travel will add more value to the program,” said Qantas Loyalty Chief Executive Officer Olivia Wirth as on SimplyFlying.


Qantas created the tool to enhance the experience of their Qantas Business Reward members in their travel management along with various other business-related benefits. As per a statement, there are around 480,000 members in the program making them claim one in every five Australian small or medium-sized businesses is a Qantas Business Reward Program member. This new booking tool is expected to have an effect on the Australian market as a recent study found that Australian customers value planning over claims and want their travel to be more convenient.

Qantas has already started experimenting with the compatibility of the tool with options like additional seat booking which includes neighbour-free seating only on certain international flights. This will then be extended with corrections according to the preferences of the customers.


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