Rad Pop, A Queer-Owned Shop Merges Hair Salon And Vintage Shop Together In Edgewater!

A new shop that combines a vintage store and hair salon has been opened in Edgewater and has received positive responses from the community. Vintage Emporium and Rad Hair Salon have been joined by its owner to operate under the same roof. It is located at 5820 N. Broadway. 

Well-Visioned Dream

Rap Rad Pop shop is owned by Rachel Dennis. Rachel has been doing hair for over 13 years. Though, she always wanted to own a vintage shop. However, she wasn’t certain about the idea of opening a thrift shop, as she had been doing hair and combing a salon and vintage made her hesitate to take on the venture. 

But Rachel started to have a clear vision of putting the two shops together and becoming the proud owner of her dream shop. 

Dreams will definitely lead you on the path to success – just as the saying goes, Rachel’s dream slowly turned into a reality. In December, Rachel started taking action very seriously towards executing her dream. She looked for a space to open her shop. She has some criteria in her mind while searching for the perfect place. One such criterion was that she wanted the shop to be in Edgewater or Andersonville. A friend of Rachel’s helped her find the Broadway storefront. 

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Rad Pop: A Queer-Friendly Space

All the sellers in the business are part of the  LGBTQ+ community, which is a deliberate choice by Rachel.

It is because she always wanted to be the next generation of queer-owned vintage stores. And she wants to make the shop a queer-friendly place where queer people can come in and enjoy the cool vibes like no other place. 

At the Rad Pop, Rachel will be joined by her friend Patti Jakab, who sells antiques in the store. Tim White, a hairdresser with significant experience will be assisting Rachel at the salon. The shop also has one more person, Brendan Fallon, whom she met in an estate sale and was inspired by his thrifting style, which covers glass, wood, and leather. So she asked Fallon about joining her venture, and he accepted without a second thought. 

Rachel has created her Rad Pop!, a hub of vintage collections. The vintage collection features items and goods from six renowned sellers, including Denis. She describes her shop as a ‘mini antique mall’. From beautifully crafted wooden figurines, and taper candle holders, to colorful glassware and brightly patterned clothing, many are available. The vintage emporium follows the salon.

When Rachel speaks of the interior of the shop, she said that she took the inspiration from the ’70s Better Homes and Gardens books,’ -which she calls ‘the bible.’

One wall has alternating stripes of red, orange, yellow, and green. And the other walls are painted with a mid-tone green and accented with a darker green trim. 

Rad Pop Vintage Emporium is open from 12:00 to 7:00 p.m. Thursday through Friday; from 11:00 am to 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays and from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sundays. 

Red Hair Salon runs on appointment. The shop will offer a one-time 20% discount for the first visit to the salon. To book your order, visit the website.


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