Riddhi Skin Care Spa Brampton Briefs The Best Way To Make Your Face Glow Like Gold & Diamond!

Riddhi Skin Care Spa Brampton is a leading beauty spa in the region. Being extremely educated and having vast knowledge in the industry has made them a pioneer in the field with exceptional standards of service. They say, “We should limit gold and diamond into the category of jewellery”. You must have heard about gold and diamond facials. Isn’t it fascinating to do facials with elements of gold and diamond? I got really curious about the method and enquired lovely staff who are always ready to resolve your queries. They are generous enough to list some of the important benefits of doing gold and diamond facials. They are as follows,

Postpones Aging

We all get old and have wrinkles with time. It is natural. Thankfully, You can postpone them with these types of facials. Skin sagging can be prevented by stimulating collagen synthesis with gold facial. On the other hand, Diamond facial is said to stimulate blood circulation that will remove early signs of ageing like crow’s feet and fine lines.

Promotes Absorption

Our skin has thousands of natural pores through which it absorbs all the necessary elements. Pollution and other environmental factors close the pores with dirt and other bad elements. Both facials will open the pores to the maximum which makes the skin permeable. It obviously leads to a good flow of oxygen, full absorption of skincare products and so on.

Bright Glow

Gold and diamond are known for their glow and attractiveness! Healthy blood cell promotion through a gold facial will help your skin to appear youthful with a peculiar glow. Diamond facials add the right amount of radiance and moisture to the skin through the removal of grime and dirt. Detoxification is another important perk of a proper diamond facial.


Both gold and diamond are effective in activating basal cells that are present in the outermost layer of the skin. This will improve the elasticity and collagen of the skin making it more tightened and firm, Especially diamond facial has natural ingredients that contribute to elasticity. This can also remove the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

Dead Removal & Healthy

Every skincare activity is done to keep it healthy and free from problems. Both gold and diamond facials obviously contribute to the health of the skin. Gold facials help you to prevent sun damage by reducing free radicals and it is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties and help you remove redness in the skin. While diamond facial helps you control skin breakouts as it removes dead skin cells from the pores.

Gold facial is called so because of utilisation of gold-based products for scrub, gel and face cream whereas diamond facial is called so because of the diamond-based products along with a special diamond-tipped tool used in the procedure. It can remove dirt, dead skin cells and toxins gently, said the staff. It was eye-opening to know the benefits of these kinds of special facials. Each of us should try it! 

Who Are Riddhi Skin Care Spa Brampton?

Riddhi Skin Care Spa & Esthetics is the best place for women to make them glow. Various beauty treatments and massages at an affordable price offered in this firm will blow our mind. The team is highly trained and kind enough to patiently explain the merits of the treatments and the best way to do it. Notably, they extend exclusive discounts from Monday to Thursday during the weekdays, adding an extra incentive to indulge in their exceptional offerings. Please make use of it and bring the best glow to your appearance!

Address: 4 Saint Tropez Court, Brampton, ON L6Y 4P9 


Email: riddhiskincarespa@gmail.com

Working Hours: Mon – Sat (9 AM to 7 PM)

Facial, hot stone and post/prenatal massage, anti dehydrating facial, waxing, deep cleaning facial, body massage, body treatment, manicure, pedicure & infra-red sauna are some of the services offered by Riddhi Skin Care Spa Brampton. Contact them, request an appointment or to know more about their services, packages and pricing.


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