Ripe Life Juice. Co Prepares For Another Location, Going To Offer “No Sugar, No Preservatives” Juices From Early 2024!

This means that every juice made here is freshly squeezed or made without any artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

For Rockford residents, there is good news coming your way! 

The famous Ripe Life Juice. Co is preparing to move to a new location. The new shop will house the space at 333 E. State St. in Rockford. While the date of inauguration is not yet disclosed from its end, the preparations have been carried out in full swing. It is expected to be opened in the middle of January. 

The shop owner Luster, initially opened the Ripe Life Juice. Co inside Stewart Square, 308 W. State St., in 2021, with a prime aim of creating a healthy environment for adults that is not all about alcohol and partying. However, anticipating a better future, he closed the Stewart location this August to relocate the shop somewhere else. Originally he was eyeing the former Rockford Roasting. Co. With changes in the plans, he has partnered with NBA star Fred VanVleet’s family-owned building instead. 

Luster eagerly anticipates a fruitful collaboration with VanVleet in the future of Ripe Life Juice. Co., as he told Rockrivercurrent, “I think signing with Fred VanVleet is a better deal for the future of Ripe Life.” 

“We are going to work on some things down the line, as far as some promotions with Fred,” Luster further added. 

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What You Can Expect At Ripe Life Juice .Co?

As already mentioned, the shop has been set up solely to create a healthy environment for adults with the same night-out vibes. The shop will be offering fresh juice and smoothies with “No sugar and No preservatives.” This means that every juice made here is freshly squeezed or made. They have diversified options on their menu to meet your varied needs. You can have anti-inflammatory drinks such as golden milk – made with turmeric, cinnamon, goji berry, black pepper, cardamom, etc.. Or you can have hydrating juice. 

Additionally, they will be offering smoothies that contain greens such as kale/spinach, pineapple, coconut water, moringa, and natural sweets like honey or agave syrups. To make it even more nutritious, they offer customized recipes, by adding supplements, like sea moss, ginseng, and more. 

“Any type of supplements that you want to add to your smoothie to boost the nutrient quality, we’re going to have here,” – Luster.

The opening hours: Mon-Sat: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Upon its inauguration, the shop has come up by adding two new menus and three new juice flavors. For more updates about the menus and shop, visit their Facebook Page. Luster’s endeavors have been recognised by ThreeBestRated® using its touch-to-crack 50-Point Inspection in 2023.

Contact details:

Phone: +1 779-774-3274



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