Rock N Soul Crystal Shop Announced The Opening Date Early This Year In Newport

Are you a crystal enthusiast or someone looking for spiritual awakening and inner peace? You are going to have a new destination to shop earlier this year in Newport, UK. The new shop ‘Rock N Soul’ is a physical embodiment of Arantxa Colen’s dream – who is the shop owner and has always dreamt of opening a shop for the past 20 years. 

“I still can’t believe it. This has been a dream of mine for years, and even with the key in my hand, it doesn’t feel real,” stated Arantxa via her Facebook page. 

Dream Turns Into Reality

Arantxa has always been passionate about crystals and collected them since her childhood. As she grew up, she started reading about crystals and better understanding of their properties and their impacts on individuals’ lives. Over time, she included crystals into her daily routine, like carrying them in her bag and placing them in a specific area of her home.

Fueled by this ardent passion, she aspired to own a shop. However, she understood the significance of taking small steps first to accomplish something bigger. In trying to lay the first stone, in 2022, Arantxa conducted many pop-up events at various places to know how people would react to it. 

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Then her focus was on various Newport events like Food Frenzy, Cosy Hall, etc.. All of her endeavours came to fruition. People have been coming to her events and turned to her for suggestions about crystals. These small triumphs further fueled her burning inner spirit. 

As she has always lived in Newport City, she finalised this perfect place to bring her dream to life. 

Arantxa expressed, “The response to my planned opening has been incredible and I have been so overwhelmed by the reaction. I never expected anything like it.”

What Will Rock N Soul Be Offering? 

“Rock N Soul will have something special for everyone, from pocket money treasures to large statement pieces, and everything in between,” said Arantxa. 

She added, “Alongside crystals, you will also find divination items, crystal jewellery, incense and essential oils, framed ethical taxidermy, accessories, and much more.”

The shoppers can find a seating area with books about crystals. They provide them with the meaning and better understanding of the crystals. Furthermore, Arantxa is also dedicated to providing you with suggestions for your specific needs and requirements. 

“I can’t thank everyone enough for the incredible support during the absolute whirlwind of 2023. To all the people I have met at events and who have returned to see me time and time again, to those who have encouraged me and believed in me, I am forever grateful,” expressed the owner.  

As said earlier the opening date is anticipated soon this year. It is located at 93a High Street, Newport. For more updates about the shop, visit Rock N Soul’s Facebook page or Website.

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