Shayne Stork Has Been Declared As Norwich’s Top Rated Funeral Services Provider By ThreeBestRated®

This year marks Shayne Stork's fourth consecutive year to justify its position with its unwavering determination and seamless customer services.

Shayne Stork, a reputed family-run funeral services provider, is thrilled to receive the honour as one of the top three funeral companies in Norwich from ThreeBestRated®– multinational ranking website, that revises its ranking annually. This year marks Shayne Stork’s fourth consecutive year to justify its position with its unwavering determination and seamless customer services.

The company has been owned and operated by Shayne who has over 30 years of experience and reputation in the industry. As a family-run business, his wife, Emma and elder son, Harry have his back in the business. After his son Harry’s involvement, Shayne Stork has evolved as a second-generation local business. 

Shayne also hopes for his other son and daughter – who are now at school – to join their family business in the future after their education is over. 

What Makes Shayne Stork The Best?

Being a family-owned and independent company, Shayne has managed to keep the cost pretty low, likely between £1,200 to £3,000, which may not be seen in larger companies these days. This affordability is one of the advantages of choosing Shayne Stork. Furthermore, Shayn prioritises maintaining a consistency in communication with clients. This means, when you hire Shayne Stork, you will interact with the same person every time you engage with them. 

Shayne says, “If I start the arrangements, I stay with them all the way through. So they are going to deal with only one person rather than many different people.”

The cornerstone of the Shayne Stoke is that commitment to strive to accommodate the family’s desires in any way possible. Starting from transportation to burial arrangements, they offer tailored services to their clients. 

Shayne says, “Anything a family wants, any request, I would never say no. And, try to find a way to make them happen.”

Also, they guide you with all the necessary advice on things like registration of death, and bereavement counselling in the most sensitive times. 

Shayne Stork Family Funeral Services provides a wide range of funeral services, including standard funerals, green funerals, direct cremations, and more. They also have pre-paid funeral plans, which can be checked out here. They offer green burials, flower tributes, memorials and more.  From unattended cremation to burial services, they take care of everything that helps your loved ones with repatriation.

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Looking Ahead

Shayne has completed a Diploma in Funeral Directing and his wife is also a funeral director. They have offices at two locations with their first office in Norwich, and second (recently-opened) in Sprowston. 

“I have been based in Sprowston for so many years and all my children have gone to Sprowston schools. So it is nice to be back in the heart of Sprowston.”  says Shayne. 

As Sahyne looks forward, he has the intention to open another branch and secure them for his children to take after. However, he really wants to keep his business as small as possible, so that he can keep things as personal as possible. For more information, visit Shayne Stork Website or email them


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