Six Ways To Try Something New Without Breaking The Tradition Of Thanksgiving!


Celebrations, in no doubt, bring more joy and fun to all. People get more excited about the arrival of festivals and occasions. Every year celebrations pile up more memories for us. Although the way people celebrate may vary from culture to culture or country to country, the happiness that it brings is the same for all people. Seeking entertainment, seasonal changes and religious or historical reasons paved the way for the celebrations in the ancient days. Now we people continue celebrating them as a way of honouring our traditions. Thanksgiving is also one such celebration and is celebrated with an aim of showing gratitude for the things/persons/opportunities that we have in our life. A special thing about it is that it occurs towards the end of the year, which would further bring a hopeful and blissful beginning for the year to come. 

Why don’t we try something new on this Thanksgiving day?

Thanksgiving day is of utmost importance as we will have much time to spend with our family and friends. The traditional way of celebrating Thanksgiving will be like dining at a feast, chit-chatting with your loved ones, and watching some movies. We will cook, have fun, chat, play together and finally express our Thanks to someone or something in our life. Of course, this is a usual thing that we do every year. Why don’t we try something new this year?

Tradition doesn’t mean you have to stick to the old things. At the same time, it doesn’t mean you break the tradition either. 

You can be a little bit creative without breaking your tradition, but how to do it? Here’re some ways you can incorporate with your traditional way of celebration.

Themed party: 

Thanksgiving day is always accompanied by some traditional dishes like turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries and pumpkin pies. Let us give our thoughts a new flavour this time! As this day is the most awaited day, let us give our thoughts a new flavour this time! Instead of making the same traditional food as you did the previous year, do some fun with cooking and recipes. Choose a theme for making recipes. For instance, if you choose the Mediterranean theme, cook all the dishes in their style like greek pumpkin pie, Mediterranean turkey and Batara harra. By doing this, you’re not actually neglecting the traditional dishes but you’re trying something different.

Getting out of town:

Normally people will be napping from eating and chit chat with their kinfolk. You need to keep in mind that this is the most important day for you as you have all your loved ones in one place. So this is the perfect time to get out of the home and have more fun. To make the day more memorable visit some distant places with your friends, dine in some best restaurants, roam around the beach with a glass of your favourite beverages, or jump on to the party. For sure, some hotels will be open on that day, and legitimate sites like ThreeBestRatedⓇ will give you the complete details of the best hotels in your locality. All you need to do is just pre-book your flights or hotels to enjoy your day!

Hit the museum:

It is a wonderful delight for your eyes to look at the subtly aesthetic arts. Exploring more about your culture and history through the pictures and the classic antiques with your fellow mates will give you more excitement and amuze you. Moreover, as Thanksgiving day is celebrated in honor of our ancestors, now is high time to learn about our ancestors. 

Get Active:

While the feast is the most prominent thing when it comes to Thanksgiving day, people would enjoy binge eating all day. This is common on this day as you’re with your fellow mates, you will automatically tend to eat a lot. You will be more likely to fall into a food coma that will tighten your belt up. To avoid this, just pull yourself out of your couch and engage in physical activities. Play some outdoor games like soccer, frisbee, ring toss, etc. If you are out of your at the beach, then seashell hunting, beach volleyball, dig a hole and to name a few can be relaxing and intriguing games. These things not only keep you in shape but also amuse you.

Giving gifts:

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts? If gifts from loved ones are adorable, especially on a very special occasion, gift-giving is adorable too! Whether you’re the host or guest, spend some money on gifts for your dears that will imprint a long-lasting impression on both of you. Gifting someone you care about establishes and deepens the relationship between you as gifts are the symbols of your affection for them. 

The best gifts are wrapped not in paper but in love! So get your honeys some prezzies!!

Donate to others:

When you purchase gifts, never forget to buy some extra things or when you cook, add some extra ingredients to make it in a large quantity to be donated to the needy. It is again a gift, but to someone who needs it. Feeding the needy will sprit up your soul which will give you complete satisfaction and delight you. You can approach the nearby food bank or orphanages to make your day. So on this day be Thankful to your life or god that gives you enough to make someone happy!

There are plenty of options for you to make this Thanksgiving day more memorable than before. You can also get your friend’s help to make the plan for yourselves. Since, it is the time to rejoice, do the best that will push you forward carrying more memories and happiness.


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