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The Psychological Impacts Of Christmas Decorations!


We’re approaching the most awaited day which is Christmas. We all have been waiting for this day the whole year since, and yeah, are almost halfway to celebrating. To celebrate Christmas, we’d like to decorate our home, trees, and garden with stunning lights and hanging stars that can be fulfilling. You can see many social media influencers have already started their way of Christmas decoration and are posting it on their pages. In this sense, a tiktoker named @Farah Merhi showed how she decorated her family room for Christmas which has received almost 208.9K likes. Her awesome decoration gives much more excitement to everyone about the arrival of Christmas.

Many people think that in those days the early decorations were unacceptable and may bring bad luck to us. So some people would wait until the first week of December, while others would start decorating after Thanksgiving. Some others start as soon as Halloween ends. But this is no longer the case these days as today’s generation think that the celebrations are meant to simply be enjoyed in your own way. So they believe that there is no such rule when it comes to decorations for Christmas. Studies have proved that these decorations are the best way to support both mental and physical well-being. 

@farahjmerhi Sprinkled Christmas decor in my family room today! #itschristmastime #christmasdecorating #winterwonderland ♬ Like It’s Christmas – Jonas Brothers

Do you know why? Here’re some psychological impacts that they have on us!

Without decorations, the Christmas celebration is incomplete as decoration is a crucial part of it. Christmas decoration has some psychological benefits for you. It elevates your mood and mental well-being. 

But how does it impact mental health?

Lights of Christmas spark happiness:

Primarily the lights that’s being a vital part of Christmas. According to neuroimaging studies, when the eyes capture something, it is the brain that decides if it is beautiful or not. Whenever the eyes catch a beautiful scenario or object, the brain stimulates the medial orbito-frontal cortex (the part of the brain behind the eyes) that improves the blood circulation to the brain’s pleasure center called orbitofrontal cortex” – says Dr. Elwin David Hjellen, DO, a ThreeBestRatedⓇ psychiatrist in Anchorage, Alaska. This in turn enhances the production of dopamine in your brain. Thus it leaves you in a state of ecstasy.

The brain will react in the same way when you listen to a song from your favorite playlists. Thus the warm and sparkling lights fill you with energy and delight.

The influence of the color:

Next comes the color. The colors have been used in treatment for several centuries in ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Indian medicine. According to color therapy or chromotherapy, colors influence both mental and physical well-being.

Have you ever felt that some places are irritating and some places are rejuvenating? This is because of the influence that the colors of the place have on you. 

For instance, 

  • Blue and green are linked with tranquility and spirituality that promotes sleep quality by de-stressing and promoting inner peace. 
  • Orange can stimulate appetite and detox your brain.
  • Red and pink are associated with vitality and ambition that makes you energized and passionate
  • Purple can boost creativity and productivity.
  • Yellow and gold relieve anxiety and promote intelligence and memory.

Different colors have different types of healing properties and soothing effects in it. When you use colorful ornaments to decorate your room, and tree, they will cheer your mood up. 

Christmas leads to creativity:

On Christmas, you will find yourself doing some creativity while decorating. Think about how your day can be on Christmas. You will pour some creativity into the cookies or cakes you make for yourself or your family. Some people show their level of creativity by making candles of their own. They give the candles beautiful and unique shapes and scents as they find it delightful. Some people who have their own garden will decorate the live plants. 

All these things relieve your brain of that dull and stodgy routine by filling it with fun. Your brain will be diverted to do something different than it is used to, which relaxes your mind.

As already said, some may think early decorations are unacceptable, but when you love it, you better start sooner than later. Because happiness is when you do what you love. So start celebrating your favorite festival in your own way! 



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