The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Capsule Hotel – Part 1


Almost all of us can agree that the Japanese are easily one of the most creative people in the world. From anime cafes and vending machine hotels to robot hotels, Japan has something for everyone to enjoy. So, it is no wonder that they invented the capsule hotel that has been in the trend all over the globe for the past two years.

Capsule hotel? What is that?

Capsule hotel

Well, it is the same as what it sounds like. It is a hotel where the “rooms” are basically pods with single bed spaces lined up along a darkened hallway, which gives the feeling that you are actually in a spaceship. But don’t worry, your “sleeping pod” or “capsule” will be spacious enough for you to roll over and will have a bed, tv, and air conditioning.

You will also get a locker to keep all your luggage safe and a common living area and bathroom space, and often large, communal hot tubs as well.

Why are Capsule Hotel so popular?

Let’s be real, who would say no to the chance of experiencing sleeping in a spaceship (or at least that’s how it will feel) that too at an affordable price? Many solo, business, and backpack travelers are now preferring to stay at a capsule hotel. 

So… are they a good investment? 

People these days want to try new things. There has already been a decline in the hotel business due to Airbnb and homestays. So, investing in Capsule hotels is a safer option. And according to a report, in 2016, noticed an increase in the number of capsule hotels listed on their platform. And it is only expected to grow more. 

Okay, now I know it is a good investment… What should I do next?

Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky. While capsule hotels look fun to the customers, designing requires a lot of planning. But worry not, I got you covered. Since this is a big topic to cover, I will be explaining it in more detail in the next part of this Mini-Series!


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