Attention California Residents! USiBTS – International Tax Solutions Is Here To Guide You On Taxation!

Taxation is always a tough nut to crack, especially when you are not knowledgeable about it. In the case of your business, you must be even more careful as it involves so much of your savings. Don’t hesitate to appoint professionals for the concern. If you are from Carlsbad, California and looking for the best tax & accounting services, USiBTS — International Tax Solutions is the one-stop solution!

USiBTS — International Tax Solutions!

USiBTS — International Tax Solutions is particularly known for its excellence in taxation services. Their clientele can expect unparalleled results because of their international exposure. Irrespective of the size of the business, USiBTS can guide you to expand your business by managing your finances in the preferred way. Joining hands with them will definitely open the gates for you to seek a spot in the global market.

The company is based in Carlsbad, California and they are offering remote & on-site services to any difficult tax situation that may arise in your business or even personal finance. Companies that are new to the US market can have great peace of mind while making alliances with USiBTS as they are equipped with the knowledge to navigate the tax laws and provide you with a customized solution. They are always aimed to help you make wise decisions about your tax strategy & business structure while avoiding mistakes that cost your time & money.

Why Should You Choose Them?

USiBTS — International Tax Solutions is not just a taxation firm, it is a team of CPA and enrolled agents, certified by the IRS who possess extended knowledge and expertise to handle all your tax and accounting needs. Their ability to represent you in all stages of taxation can provide an extra layer of trust and convenience in your finances.

Not only for California residents, USiBTS offers comprehensive consulting & tax preparation services to clients around the globe as they have expertise in international tax preparation too. Focussing more on maintaining their high ethical standard in the service has helped them achieve this loyal customer base. Since their team keeps on updating themselves with the latest regulations and tax laws and stays current. Each of their clientele receives accurate and up-to-date advice. Countless previous clients who have navigated the complexities of international tax planning and compliance remain evident for their established service. Be it an individual or an organization, you can always expect the best solution from USiBTS as they are committed to providing personalized services. All of your tax concerns will be handled efficiently, professionally, and with integrity to help you optimize your tax position while minimizing your risk exposure.

Services They Offer!

US Tax Preparation including return preparation, e-file, and representation before the IRS; International Tax Preparation; International & US Tax Consulting to navigate complex tax laws and optimize their financial benefits; Tax relief & Tax Resolution Services including assistance with IRS audits, unfiled returns, penalty abatement, and more; Start-Ups Tax Consulting along with Accounting & Bookkeeping are the top services you can expect from USiBTS — International Tax Solutions.

USiBTS handles all my personal & firm issues. After delivering me from a nightmare of complicated tax problems, everything so far has been easy. They are fast, direct, customer-oriented, and the easiest-going company that I have ever partnered with. Kudos!”, said Bran — one of their clientele.

Important Details

Address: 2385 Camino Vida Roble, Ste 107, Carlsbad, CA 92011​

Tele: +1 760–842–7885

Fax: +1 760–683–2208


It is as good as gold to choose professionals like USiBTS — International Tax Solutions while dealing with finances, especially for your business. This can keep you at peace of mind and concentrate more on growing your business as the firm will take care of your accounting procedures and save capital on taxes as much as possible!


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