Want to make more sales online this Diwali season? Here is how to create content that sells.


What are your plans for Diwali? It is what everyone asks each other as the great Indian festival is around the corner. It is that time of the year when the e-commerce giants set forth to amaze you with exciting deals and offers. Not just them, every business, regardless of its stature, comes up with attractive discounts. Why? Because, if not Diwali, what would be the best time to sell your products?

What’s the catch with online shopping?

Now things aren’t as it was as it used to be before the internet era. Every day, more and more people are migrating to online shopping. It has now even become a hobby for many. As a business owner, you might as well have to gear up for online sales. However, given the competition, you need to have a plan. How to do it? Let’s see.

Content is the kingmaker!

All that matters is how you advertise your product. Creating appealing content is the key to making more sales this Diwali season. And if you are wondering how to do it, don’t worry! We’ve got you. Rummaging through a good number of ThreeBestRated® marketing experts’ insights, I have come up with a few tips which will aid you in creating content that generates leads. Here it is:

Look at what other brands are doing:

Identifying and addressing your customer’s needs in an ad campaign is an important tactic. However, getting hold of what others in your industry are doing is vital in creating content. Researching other’s marketing content will help you learn from other’s mistakes. With this, you can devise what works and what doesn’t to plan your marketing efficiently.

Look at the marketing campaigns of the local players in your industry. For example, if you look at the e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart, they promote their products relevant to Diwali. All their recent ad campaigns revolve around different aspects relating to the festival. Incorporating this method will help you sell products to customers, as the customers will be able to relate to them.

Things to remember while creating the content

  1. Creating customer-focused content is the key. Customers, in general, will look for the product’s brighter side while buying. So, try to highlight the pros of your product in your writing. 
  2. Try to include a festive vibe in your Ads. Bring in the joy and happiness of the festival in your content. It is essential to connect with the customers immediately.
  3. Spotlight the discounts and offers. What can be the greatest motivation for a buyer than the discounts and offers? Highlighting it in your ads will increase the chances of buying by 50%.
  4. Include relevant search keywords in your content. If you want your content to win in the online space, it is vital to optimize the content with the right keywords. Relevant search keywords can help your content rank in search engines, increasing visibility.

Evaluate your content with specific metrics

If you had created content that works, how would you know it is generating leads? 

  1. Duration of the visits: The average time a visitor spends on your website can give you an idea of how engaging your content is for them. It will also help you establish a connection with your random site visitor.
  2. Website Traffic: If your content is successful, it can be seen through your organic search traffic.
  3. Bounce Rate: One of the best ways to check if your visitors like your content.

Concentrating on these metrics will give you an idea of how to create content that might interest them.

What and When to post?

Now, having created good content, the next step is to publish it on the right platforms. In addition to your website, see what kind of social media network fits your niche and keep posting on it. When it comes to the ideal time, you should keep posting relevant and intriguing content periodically. 

What can you expect from it?

The perks of posting sales-driven content during this season are:

  1. Can convert your site visitors to loyal customers.
  2. Spike in the website traffic rate.
  3. Brings more sales during Diwali time.
  4. Better search engine presence.
  5. Better lead profiling.

Not just Diwali, this strategy works for all festivals. All you have to do is to create relevant and attractive content.



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