“What is Important In Life: Friends, Waffles, Work.” An Appetising Waffle Making Video On Fire…

Three days ago, I saw a video on tiktok in which a woman, @abir.sag was making mouth watering waffles.

On seeing that video, I just remembered a quote of famous “Parks and Recreation” actress Leslie Knope:

“We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work.Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.”

Waffles are quite delicious to have – the juicy and crispy bites of waffles pushed even the pancakes behind. 

Waffles have a very interesting story behind it. 

Waffles are originally made by Dutch. In the 16th century, waffles were sold at the streets and gates of the churches on account of any celebrations or saint’s days. With the increase in number of waffle buyers, the sellers fought with each other for customers and places which led to an order to be passed by King Charles IX, that vendors had to stay six feet away from each other. This is one of the strangest orders ever you have seen. 

Then in 1620 the ‘Dutch waffles” reached the States by the pilgrims. Yet waffles gained much importance only when then France Minister Thomas Jefferson returned to the U.S in the beginning of the French Revolution as he brought the waffle iron with him. This further started the trend “ Waffle Frolics” or “Waffle Parties” in the U.S.

However, on August 24th, 1869 a Dutch-American Cornelius Swarthout of Troy received the patent for the first waffle iron in the U.S. 

Though it was very popular even in the 16th century, only by the 19th century it became a massive hit and pig-out breakfast of the States.

There is one more interesting thing that happened in the world’s history is that Margaret Thatcher earned the nickname “the Waffle Iron Lady” when she beat both Winston Churchill and William Pitt the Elder in the Parliament’s Annual Waffle Eating Challenge in 1957 by devouring 27 waffles.

Noteworthily, the design of the waffles has a story too. Everyone will be aware of the honeycomb design of the waffle iron. But in the initial stages, the holy symbols, the landscapes, coat of arms and to name a few had been the designs in which the irons were made.

Waffles are more memorable!

The waffles have a decent place in the list of quick breakfast recipes not only in America or Dutch but also worldwide. It is easy to cook and also considered as tummy-friendly yet filling too. It can be toasted or frozen, or chilled depending on your mood and toppings. 

In those days, it  was made up of water and flour, sometimes, the rich included eggs. But today, it is being enriched using fruits, berries, honey, chocolates, cheese, etc.. So you simply take it coated with honey/ sugar syrup as your breakfast, or topped with ice as a palatable dessert, or tipped with chocolate syrup as your healthy snack. You can do what you want yet it will never fail to mesmerise you.

Of course, waffles are easy to nuke if you have a waffle iron. But if you don’t have one, checkout websites like ThreeBestRated, GrabHub, OpenHub to dine in the nearest restaurants. It will fill both your tummy and heart and thrill your taste bud!

The waffles will make you satisfied for sure!


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