What to do when you are in a threat…. A woman teaches the techniques of self defence


I came across a video on tiktok in which a tiktoker, @kidawarriors, has posted a video about a martial technique to protect yourself from threats. This video has received almost 169K likes and commendable views.

Not only this video, all the other videos of hers are on martial techniques has also reached a certain height in terms of likes and views. 

Why because..

Her videos break the fact that being physically protective doesn’t mean only physical fitness, eating healthy and staying active.  It is much more than that. The main goal of learning a martial art is self defence. On any account you must possess the tendency to protect yourself. You can’t always be guarded by someone else. It is simply like stepping on a thorn on your way. Though you won’t do that intentionally, you might get hurt by it at least once in your life.

Similarly, even when you are careful, when you’re out of your comfort zone, it is unpredictable if you encounter any sudden potential threats like robbery, harassment, etc. Moreover, you can’t run for a knife or a gun while you are in that situation. You have to protect yourself with what you have right then. 

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The one thing you have with you all the time is your body.

Martial art teaches you to use your body as your weapon for defending. Martial art teaches you the most effective and essential skills to defend you from threats.

Learning self technique helps you to walk out of your comfort zone with more confidence and safety. So that you can take pride in yourself. Apart from defence, martial arts help you to maintain your fitness and make you energetic and sporty. “The emphasis of the martial art will be to focus on a wide range of fun and sporting activities in order to develop a child’s Self Confidence, Self Discipline, Concentration, Respect, Goal Setting, Courtesy and Motor Skills” says ThreeBestRated martial artist Sensei Stevie Mason. 

There are many types of martial arts such as Kungfu, Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, etc.. According to your wish, you can engage yourself in learning any of these. So consider joining the class by keeping the significance of the martial arts in the mind. There are many rating websites like ThreeBestRated, Justdial, and to name a few to help you find out the best the nearest martial art schools in your locality. Then why are you waiting?  

Who can learn self defence:

Anyone at any age can learn martial arts. History has already seen a lot of men practising martial arts like Bruce Lee. In recent years, women have started influencing the world of martial arts. Oscar-winning Lucia Rijker, Michelle Yoah, Zhang ziyi and to name a few are being an inspiration to many.

No wonder! Some young influencers are also ruling the martial world. So every man may have chances of facing severe threats. Think of yourself in a situation where you’re simply taking a walk on the streets or going on a trip with your family and you are approached by a group of robbers.  What can you do in that situation except for surrendering? Here comes the concept of self protection. “The ultimate goal in Karate is to defeat opponents in a real life-or-death situation,”  says Teruyuki Higa. 

Hence the martial art is all about self defence that you should keep in your mind.


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