What you didn’t know about content marketing


“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

Lee Odden (CEO of TopRank marketing) 

Marketing is a multi-faceted process involved in selling a product. Advertising has long been one of the most preferred ways of marketing for every business in the world. Especially, Online Ads were placed on every platform to attract customers. However, not everyone is interested in online ads, and approximately 11% of internet users are using an ad blocker to block ads. To circumvent the problem, companies are concentrating more on content marketing.

Among the most beneficial marketing methods, content marketing is absolutely a game-changer in the marketing arena. And just as most people think, Content marketing is not limited to articles and blogs alone. It is basically about creating and sharing videos, blogs, infographics, images, social media posts, etc., online to create awareness or to trigger interest in a particular product or service.

Why choose content marketing over conventional advertisements?

In today’s fast-moving world, investing in conventional advertisements have become obsolete. People would rather spend time knowing about a brand through creative content that entertains them on social media and other platforms than through abstract ads that annoy them in between while watching a video.

Creating beguiling content does not come in handy for many of us. However, Any informative image, blog, or video relevant to the viewer attracts them. This way, businesses can create enormous content on a day to day basis. And its end results are highly beneficial to them in many ways. Remarkably, statistical data shows that 90% of B2B buyers feel that online content has had an impact on their purchases.

Benefits of Content Marketing:

  • Cost-effective: One of the foremost reasons for opting for content marketing is that it is inexpensive. Given the financial situation of many local/small businesses, cost-effective marketing is a decision everyone would make. A survey shows that Content marketing costs 62% less than conventional marketing. It also produces bountiful leads.
  • Brings more traffic to your website: Innovative and informative content does have the ability to increase the traffic of a website. Creative content has a gravitating effect on all users. It captures the attention and pulls all the users into the website. The surge in website traffic automatically improves its SEO rankings.
  • Generate leads and Improves brand loyalty: According to a survey on content marketing, 70% of people are interested in learning about a company and its products through articles. Quality and legitimate contents nurture a sense of trust in the hearts of the readers. Thus, it generates more leads. The leads created through content marketing is three times more than traditional marketing methods. Exposes your material to a large-scale audience and expands your customer base. Sharing regular content with consistent quality builds loyalty for the brand.
  • Hikes online sales: Buying products online is the new normal. Online-contents specifically improve company sales online. Contents could easily make a brand popular on the internet. Thus, it influences more buyers online.

78% of the chief marketing strategists in the world envision content marketing as the future of marketing. Content marketing could revolutionize the growth of a small/local enterprise and pave the way for a great future.


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