Most parts of the world went into lockdown in March. And it has led people to experiment with their looks using the products they have at home. From cutting their bangs to giving themselves a manicure, people have started to learn to do everything by themselves. Though this is not a bad thing, this might lead people to eliminate the services. 

A few salons that have already been open have been struggling to make a profit. There are no longer waiting rooms, and they are allowed to have only one client and stylist at a time (two if they can be six feet apart), so their income is cut in half. And the salons have to make specific changes like installing handless faucets and soap dispensers, sanitizing everything before and after attending each client. Not all salon owners can afford this.

More than makeup and styling, people are now into skincare and haircare products, due to the self-care trend. A survey by McKinsey & Company has revealed that the sales of self-care products are growing quickly. This has led many manufacturers to put the launch of new products. 

Bottom line:

Though the future of the beauty industry seems uncertain right now, it will evolve and stand still in the long run. 



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