Will you pay to throw your child into the pool?

A couple throws babies in the pool and parents pay for it! Yeah. you heard it right!

The world is full of amazing people with extraordinary talents that we can’t deny, right?

Every day, the internet has so many eye-popping things to amuse and inspire us. Whenever you look at the screen, you will have a lot of breathtaking things to learn from, admire, get motivated, and so on. 

Likewise, a video on TikTok posted by @Nasdaily drew my attention in which as the first line suggests, a couple threw babies in a pool!

I was immediately shocked and I hope so did you. 

Then the video continued explaining this couple teaches babies how to swim even before they can walk. They said that if the baby can support their neck, they are good to go!

You may ask what is necessary for these young sprouts to learn swimming at this age. 

To answer this question, they say “you see most people don’t know how to swim. Over 200 thousand people die every year by drowning. And many of them are babies! And so, they decided to build an entire swimming pool just to teach babies how to swim. Their skills save their lives , but also help them to read, learn and move better because swimming helps babies to create new brain cells”

@nasdaily They Teach Babies How To Swim #nasdaily #people #fypシ #reels #kids #babies #unique ♬ original sound – Nas Daily

I have a story of a woman to justify what they said. 

An incredible woman from Syria, in 2015 tried to flee from her country due to the ongoing civil war when she was 17 years old. After continuous attacks on her country, her home was completely destroyed, her father was arrested of false acquisition and her family was completely shattered. To overcome this, this young girl diverted herself by practising swimming at a local stadium. One day that stadium was attacked too. So her parents made her and her sister flee from her country and go to Turkey. There these two girls managed to share a small boat with 18 others to get to Greece. All of sudden, the motor died in the middle. Soon these two girls got out of the boat, managed to pull the board for the next 3.5 hours, and saved the lives of all those 18 on the boat. 

Can you guess who she is?

She is Yusra Mardini, who is a swimmer on the Olympic Refugee Team. She is also the Ambassador of UNHCR Goodwill and helps many other refugees worldwide. Now her story is being featured in a film titled “The Swimmers”. 

Hope this will inspire you to swim too! If so, lemme talk a little about the benefits of swimming here…

Outstanding benefits of Swimming:

Swimming has tremendous benefits. “It is truly a perfect sport. Swimming is a great way to stay physically active, regardless of your age or ability” says a ThreeBestRatedⓇ Harborne Pool and Fitness Centre.

  • Amazing exercise: You may know that swimming is a fantastic exercise to keep you in good shape. Being a low-impact workout, it gives your body a great workout without hurting your joints that much. 
  • Flexibility: It will keep you in good health by enhancing flexibility and coordination. Keeping the muscles strong and increasing the muscle mass and also promoting the secretion of endorphins (responsible to release muscle pain and stress), it keeps the inflammation and pain away from you.
  • Improves bone growth: Since it improves muscle mass, reducing bad cholesterol, it develops bone growth. Especially for children and teenagers, this is a good physical activity to grow taller and stronger.
  • Stress buster activity: The act of floating in water has been proven to be a great stress buster, that unwinds your brain’s tension and develops both the growth and health of your brain. 
  • Keeps your heart smiling: As swimming elevates the heart 75-80% per minute, it pushes the heart to pump more efficiently. So it promotes blood circulation throughout the body. The more the heart pumps, the better the blood circulation will be. Hence swimming has long-term and positive effects on your heart health.
  • Good for lungs: This activity increases the heartbeat rate, which means an indication that your body needs more oxygen. This oxygen, further, is taken to the lungs and urges it to breathe hard while doing it. Thus it improves the air-holding capacity of the lungs which keeps your lungs healthier.
  • Enhances self-esteem: No wonder, it is an excellent life skill that everyone should learn, as it improves self-discipline and self-confidence. And yeah! This is exactly what happened with Yusra; the self-confidence she acquired through swimming has taken her from a refugee boat to Olympics Refugee Team.

In Short, easing you both physically and mentally, swimming can be a holistic approach to your health. So it is never too late or early to go for a swim. Have enormous fun!


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