Wisps of Willow: Buy Unique Home Decor and Florals From A Floral Enthusiast

From weddings and floral ceremonies to receptions, birthdays, and funerals, Florals play a crucial role. Even if you want to gift someone you love, bouquets are a very good idea to express your heart.

Meet Jordan Lee, a floral enthusiast from Virginia, who is behind decorating the region’s various ceremonies and events with his magical hands and wealth of expertise in the industry.

From Dream to Reality

Lee has been in the industry since his late teens. He was only 16 when he started his career at The Fresh Market in Hilltop, Virginia Beach. Starting as a cashier, he found himself drawn to the floral department, assisting florists during the busy holiday seasons.

He said he was always excited about working with flowers and had a deep love for florals. When talking about his interests, he recalls his grandmother’s huge garden and his mom’s green thumb. Growing up surrounded by lush greenery in childhood is the very reason he developed his interests and was drawn to flowers. 

Jordan Lee, the owner of Wisps of Willow

Soon, he opened several locations and ran one of the biggest floral departments for the Fresh Market company. He also took on the role of training new florists, sharing his passion and expertise with others.

Over the years, he broadened his skills by doing an internship at Heidi’s Flowers in Chambord Commons. Under the guidance of the owner, Jane, he learned important perspectives necessary for the business. Eight years later, he received a job offer from Virginia Beach Florist to manage their shop.

Following that, Lee began selling florals from his home as a side gig. However, it was one of his first loyal customers, Cavalier Hotel, who played a significant role in kick-starting his business. 

He always dreamt of opening his own shop. Little did he know that it would lead him to become an owner of his own floral shop. This is reflected when he says that the name (Wisps of Willow) of the shop was derived from him and his friend in their teens. 

Though Lee didn’t give a quick jump, instead he took it slow and steady. First, he took advantage of pop-ups. Then, he collaborated with Painted Tree Boutiques in Hilltop to try out retail gifts and home decor items. 

As he succeeded in his endeavors, he wished to leverage his business to the next level with his own brick-and-mortar shop, which he now opened at 2006 Mediterranean Avenue Virginia Beach, VA, 23451. He held the ribbon-cutting ceremony in October 2023. 

All About Wisps of Willow

At his Wisps of Willow, he sells flowers, and bouquets for various events, along with home decor like terracotta ports, bronze watering cans, twig baskets, decorative bugs, bundles of curly willows, and many more. 

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Lee said through his website, “From your wedding day to your birthday, to tributes and beyond; we complement by adding that perfect touch whimsy with rustic elegance, contemporary charm, garden glamour and traditional designs. Let us W.O.W. you!”

Wisps Of Willow serves Virginia Beach and Norfolk and also delivers to additional locations such as Portsmouth, VAB, and Chesapeake. Weekly, biweekly, and monthly subscription plans are also available for the customer’s convenience. Plus, on a commitment to six deliveries, the delivery fee is waived. Contact Lee at wispsofwillow@gmail.com or (757) 355-5551.


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