Y’all Gotta Start Beating The Parents Up In Front Of Their Children – Stated By A Mom

Parenting is the most responsible job in the world. Parents are the first to provide their children with love, affection, knowledge, courage, attention, material needs, and so on. Parents are the motivating factor for your children. Believe it or not, every child tries to imitate his/her parents. So when you become a parent day by day, your responsibility doubles, triples, and quadruples. So you need to be wise while you are raising your children. 

No matter how far the child goes, parents will always be there behind every child to guard and encourage them. “Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first” – says Matthew Jocobson. This is emphasized by a Mom from Atlanta, US. Naquaviabrown a tiktoker @naquaviabrown has posted a video about an unpleasant situation that her daughter had gone through in her school and the way she (mom) reacted to it. It was posted a month ago, but now it has become sensational with 584.4K likes, after a lady’s @glacier_heart tweet about this. A lot of people have been praising the mom for her act. 

@naquaviabrown Who was wrong in the situation #fyp ♬ original sound – Naquavia Brown

Do you know why?

Naquavia Brown has a beautiful daughter named Chirstina who has been bullied for her baldness by her schoolmates in the school for a couple of months. So she went and told her daddy about this and her daddy told her mom. Her mom Naquavia Brown wanted to get her child out of this and planned a meeting with those children and their parents. 

In that meeting, the child’s mom was so rude. So Naquavia beat that mom up at the top of a hat and told the child “I will beat you mama every day, just to show you that she can’t even defend you from me. You put your hands on my child one more time, who you gonna call? You better call your daddy. And I say her daddy can fight really good”.

The act of this courageous mom has grabbed the attention of so many people, and they keep praising her. 

Two types of parenting:

With this incident, we can see two different types of parenting here – one who is defending her child from nonsense and the other is defending her child’s nonsense. Who was right here? Obviously, Brown, since parenting is all about raising a child with humanity and responsibility. 

Andy Smithson says, “the sign of great parenting is not the child’s behavior. The sign of truly great parenting is the parent’s behavior”. You are the role model for your children. “For your children, you are the first that they will look up to for guidance, and learn all sorts of behaviors from you. Simply, they tend to imitate each and every action of you as they grow. That’s why it is always good to do/talk about good things in front of your children” – says Dr. Richard Rabeeh, a ThreeBestRatedⓇ psychiatrist from Canada. 

Who is a good parent?

A responsible parent builds empathy, honesty, self-reliance, self-control, kindness, cooperation, and cheerfulness in their children. So a good parent will do these things for their children.


Giving adequate encouragement and support to the children are the preeminent things when it comes to parenting. Whenever your child achieves something or does something, encourage them and let them know the value of the deed they did. This will help them to know what is right and what is wrong. This will modify them to achieve their goals in their lives. 

Instill confidence:

Confidence is the main thing to be owned by everyone, but unfortunately, only a few have. So take necessary actions to build confidence in your children as great achievements are laid in the foundation of confidence. By giving proper rewards and encouragement, you can sow the seed of self-esteem in them. That self-esteem, in turn, will improve their confidence level to a greater extent. Even if they have any bad days, talk with them to boost them up. 

Let them learn to love themselves:

Confidence comes automatically when one starts to love himself/ herself. Keep in mind that no here is perfect as everyone would have some plus and minus. Identify those positives and negatives and focus on the positives to boost their confidence. They will ultimately start to love what they are.

Make them understandable:

Even if they commit any mistakes, instead of making them feel guilty, take some extra time to make them understand the situation – the fruits of their actions. By doing so, you are literally helping them with enhancing their decision-making skills. They will learn about what is good and what is wrong before taking an action in the future. So that they can make brilliant decisions in great times. 

Spend ample time:

Children need your attention. Despite your tight schedule, you must spend enough time interacting with them. Hence, you will come to know their thoughts, behaviors, etc… Unless you spend time with them, you never know who your child is. You can do some playful things like going for a walk, playing their favorite sport with them, spending an awesome evening with a cup of coffee, and so on.  

You, as a parent, have to remember that it is you who can mold your children’s character. No one can be accountable for the mistake committed by children. Even your children cannot take that responsibility. So strive hard to be a good parent. 


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