You Know Mother’s Day! How About To Hear The Fascinating Facts You Don’t?

Mother’s Day is on the verge. We all know Mother’s day and we celebrate it with love and affection towards our mom. Have you ever thought of the interesting side of this international celebration? 

Do you know about its origin? 

Market value of this mother’s day? 

There are even more interesting facts revolving around this mother’s day. 

Read this article fully to know something about mother’s day that will definitely drop your jaws!

Started as an anti-war movement: Early forerunner of mother’s day was written by the abolitionist, suffragist, and abolitionist Julia Ward Howe in 1870. Howe wrote the so-called “Mother’s Day Proclamation” in which she called on mothers to come together to promote world peace. Howe then campaigned for the date to be set every June 2 in the United States after the Civil War to be known as “Mother’s Peace Day.”

Officially begun as a tribute to one woman: Mother’s Day originated in the early 19th century. Ann Reeves Jarvis, Ann’s daughter, wanted to remember her mother after her death in 1905. She wanted to honor the hard work of Mothers and their children. So, Anna Jarvis came up with the idea of a holiday to honor the mothers who sacrificed themselves for their children.

The creator was not a mother: The holiday was founded by Anna Jarvis, who campaigned for many mothers’ causes but never had a child of her own. However, her mother Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis had 13 children.

First-ever official mother’s day:, Anna Jarvis organized a ceremony to honor her mother and all mothers three years after her mother passed away. May 10, 1908, was celebrated as the third anniversary of Jarvis’ mother’s death and the first Mother’s Day.

Date changes every year: President Woodrow Wilson ultimately decided that Mother’s Day should fall on the second Sunday in May, regardless of the date and announced this officially in 1914.

Founder is not happy with its commercialization: The occasion rapidly became a commercialized opportunity for makers to offer blooms, candies, and cards. Anna Reeves Jarvis felt this was degrading from the individual and hint angles of the occasion and opposed this by beginning boycotts, walkouts, and was indeed condemned to begin with woman Eleanor Roosevelt for utilizing the day as an implies of gathering pledges. Jarvis would in the long run utilize all her cash in this battle, and passed away at the age of 84 in a sanatorium.

Third most popular day: Mother’s Day is the third most popular celebrated throughout the world with differences. Christmas and Easter are the only two festivals above it in the list. 

Whooping Market Value: Mother’s day has high business value and it increases year after year. In 2023, it was estimated to be about $35 billion in business shared between various industries. 

Hard to dine: Mother’s day is actually the busiest day for the restaurant industry in the year. It easily crosses the crowd on Valentine’s day. Maximum number of phone calls are also made on mother’s day which is way higher than any other day of the year. 

Flower & Card Industry makes the most: You know what, One-fourth of the year’s floral purchases are made around Mother’s Day. Google searches for flowers are higher leading up to Mother’s Day than they are for Valentine’s Day, according to the Pew Research Center. However, the most popular Mother’s Day gift is a greeting card, which makes it beat the revenue of the flower industry in the period of the year.

Carnation flower: Carnations have a special meaning on Mother’s Day. It was defined by Anna Reeves Jarvis and it is the official  Mother’s Day flower.

It is always “M”: This fact is not about mother’s day, it is about mother. Majority of the languages in the world have the word “mother” starting with the letter “m”.

Hope you had a good time reading these facts about mother’s day. Now, it’s time to prepare yourself for having a blast with your mom. Make plans to surprise her and create a good memory that will be cherished for the rest of your life. Please check our other articles to get to know some of the exciting offers you can make use of!


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